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ElectricCircusDJ [S] 15 points ago +15 / -0

What was known at the time of the attack was that she was wearing an ISIS flag, shouted Allahu Akbar and randomly attacked people with a butcher knife at a Toronto Canadian Tire store.

Still all of this wasn’t enough evidence for allegations of a terror attack and the regulars of r/Toronto defended her as a panicked shop lifter. I can’t find that original thread, only mention of it.

The media, police and politicians also refused to label the attack as terrorism for almost a year.

The terrorist, Rehab Dughmosh, never denied any of it and accepted responsibility for the ISIS inspired terror attack. It was later discovered that a he left Canada and went to Syria in a failed attempt to join ISIS a year before the attack.

Maybe this weeks London Truck attack is a legit terror attack, maybe it was an accident. I don’t know because we have very little facts at this point. I do find it suspicious how within hours it was labeled terrorism when cases like this took up to a year for that same label with plenty of evidence.

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I 'member

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I remember Marissa Shen too. Barely made the news.

ralphswanson 3 points ago +3 / -0

Who is to blame for this anti-Canadian, wokist hate-mongering? The media, which passes it off as 'unbiased news', or the consumers that demand it and jump at any opportunity to hate Canada and the people who built this county. I guess it's both.