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Her "excuse" has always been that she's bi-polar...and...things. But yeah, during the 70's she saw more dick than the men's urinals at Union Station.

One of the interesting tidbits of the Clarkson biography of the old man was just how exasperated he was with her after the novelty wore off. He married her partially for family and money connections - the Kempers were wealthier than the Trudeaus at that point - and as a nominally practicing Catholic Pierre expected at least some decorum from her but that whore just wouldn't oblige him. She's on record as saying she banged so many guys - especially celebrities like Mick Jagger - for the sole purpose of getting back at him.

It really tells you about the utter degeneracy of this country's cultural elite that she's trotted out - at all - as some kind of authority on women's mental health and empowerment. They're honestly better off getting some old Jarvis Street streetwalker to do the same thing.

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Trudeau Sr was gay.

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