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The liberal vote, that is. The media has been giving positive coverage to Singh while playing hardball with Trudeau (in relative comparison). Even they are sick of Trudeau. This is positive for us because if the left is split, then they will not rally around a single leader. The math works in our favour. Divide and conquer.

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Why is this surprising? They have been raised in a more communist environment (educational, media, etc...) that the average 1930's Komsomolet!

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I don't think they're all that stoopid. Besides Trudeau "saved" (bought their vote) with free money for doing nothing.

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Oh man, the suicide rate of young white males is gonna skyrocket.

These stupid kids that vote for communism are going to wake up one day, wonder where it all went wrong, and they won't even be able to Kurt Cobain themselves because GuNs ArE BanNeD.

Off to fentanyl land...night night.

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Never trust the paid for media.

Watch them 'pivot' in the last week before the 20th.