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I watched the debate and I thought that O'Toole had a good night. He came across as the most reasonable on stage and did not make any major blunders.

Trudeau seemed flustered because he's probably not used to being questioned on anything.

Singh came across as superficial with his canned phrases that amount to "socialism good."

The Green Party leader was good at quips, but there's little substance there. At one point she said, "in my culture," when referencing her ethnic background. She wants to be the leader of Canada but doesn't consider herself part of Canadian culture?

The dude from Quebec was weird. He got easily triggered and his stiff French quirkiness made me chuckle.

So, overall I think O'Toole had a good debate, and this eases some of the concerns I had with him as a possible leader of this country. Yes, I know he's not pure right wing, but this strategy paid off. The media tried to play gotcha with him, but given that his stand on many issues are not "far right," there was little to criticize. Overall, a solid performance.

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I didn't like Paul during the debates with her SJW comments like " I'm the first of my kind up here", to Blanchet "LET ME EDUCATE YOU" and saying she would have no problems letting her brother lose his job in the oil industry and every other oil worker. However she kinda redeemed herself afterwards when she was the only one with enough balls to answer a Rebel question.

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Good points. She also named each of the women involved in the scandals.

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Yep still voting for Mad Max. PPC

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You're a mad lad for sure.

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She wants to be the leader of Canada

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear succinct expressions like, "Soon come" in the House of Commons... Eloquence is so overrated.

And to think, she handled herself 2nd best up there last night on that panel of buffoons. Jesus Christ, this country...

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Her performance wasn't as unhinged as I thought it would be. Not bad for a Green. Sadly, you're likely correct on your last point.

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Trudeau seemed flustered because he's probably not used to being questioned on anything.

O yeah. I laughed when his Turdeau's hand came up on Paul and said "oh no you don't get to... " You know that's exactly how he see's the world.

Singh pranced around like a marionette with a sock on its head.

Paul's the girl who threatened to bankrupt the greens in court if membership choose to dethrone her. Yeah, not the balanced person I want to see behind the wheel. Sadly the only one there with enough balls to throw dirt.

Blanchet's a hard man to dislike. Loved his answers. I'd vote for him if he ran in this province. Christ knows noone else in parliament is looking out for this province.

OToole had so many chances to just shrug his shoulders and say "what do you mean make my fellow members do XYX? Of course my they have different views. That's the democratic representative part of this system" but didn't fire one good shot.

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Sadly the only one there with enough balls to throw dirt.

shaking my head. I wanted to see fireworks and see what they're like under pressure. That's why we need 3 English debates based on left, center, and right wing perspectives. This one-size-fits-all approach undermines our freedom to choose in an informed manner.

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A vote for anyone other than O'Toole is a vote for Trudeau. Change my mind.