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ThePopCan 3 points ago +3 / -0

To the extent that all of this shit is intentional, the desired outcome is disenchantment. https://www.memeamericagifagain.com/post/america-disenchanted-and-the-revolution-underway

In Victor Davis Hanson's latest, The Dying Citizen, the suggestion is that this shit is just a side effect of a greater cultural disease...

My sense is that the revolution the left will produce will not be the one they intend with this disenchantment. Rather, it'll be a matter of the pendulum swinging far in the other direction, and a lot of politicians with it.

The overreaction will be wonderful, in some ways, but the trouble of vicious and explicit infighting south of the border is that it will take place at the same time the CCP is endeavoring to end its 100 year marathon and become world hegemon; at the same time the West needs a real leader on the world stage; at the same time that America needs hold the moral high ground and signal that to the lao 百姓.