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Anyone with a brain ignores the "logic" presented by anonymous people on the Internet.

They know that getting vaccinated does not prevent you from catching the virus, and that no one ever said it did. If anyone tells you that, demand proof. There is none.

They understand that the best they can hope for is 95% protection from the most severe effects, and that this means even so some fully vaccinated people will die, mostly because they were vulnerable to begin with. 95% is not 100%. Furthermore they know that "the jab that does not seem to work" does in fact work, and that while prevention of spread drops somewhat over time, protection from severe effects of the virus remains high.

They understand that vaccinated people show up at the hospital far less, and that means accident victims, people with heart attacks, cancer, etc. have a better chance of getting the treatment they need.

They know they can go to web pages like, do a little math, and see that of the 74 people reported in the ICU 60 (87%) are unvaccinated, and that those people - the 87% - are coming from the 21% of the population of Ontario that has not been vaccinated.

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What a deadly virus! 74 people hospitalized from a province of over 12 million people!

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See? The vaccine works.

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Great! Now stop forcing others to take it! Because those who are at high risk from the virus are now vaccinated and according to you, protected!

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Sure. Just tell us about the years of experience in infectious diseases and public health you have, you know, the background that qualifies you to direct the response of healthcare systems during a global pandemic.


You don't have any of that?

You're relying on your common sense?

I see. Thanks for your opinion.

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So the vaccine doesn’t work then?

Also, in case you haven’t realized, Christine Elliott and Doug Ford are not medical experts.

tuchodi -5 points ago +4 / -9

So the vaccine doesn’t work then?

The vaccines work. See the link I sent earlier:

Christine Elliott and Doug Ford are not medical experts.

Nor are you, and you don't seem to be able to find any that agree with you. You're out here on your own so far.

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It's already pretty much mandatory. No one will drag you out of your house and put you into a camp like these paranoid gormless people will tell you but they will restrict almost everything until you can't take it anymore.

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Why is it paranoia? They literally already said they're going to do it in Austria, Germany said they are "mulling it over" and the WHO has already tacitly recommended it.

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I think it is very low 1 maybe 2 out of 10. I think they will continue with the current tactic of squeezing the unvaccineted out of society.

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