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Is the Dinosaur, Mockingbird Fake News Media at it again?

GMA edited CDC dir. Rochelle Walensky’s video interview comments on the percentage of COVID fatalities with comorbidities, misleadingly reducing the actual greater number. For "time purposes." cough.

As was highlighted on the previous OmegaCanada post about 75% and Walensky, she appeared to acknowledge that over 75% of COVID deaths were people “who had at least 4 comorbidities” and were “unwell to begin with.”

It has since emerged that she was talking about a CDC study of 1.2 million vaccinated people which found that out of the the small number of fatalities, almost a whopping 77.8% had four comorbidities.

Non edited version here, with a note at the end, skip to 3:34

Walensky was talking about a miniscule number of people involved in that particular CDC study, not all COVID deaths.

GMA didn’t issue a correction, they merely added a note to the end of the interview saying it had been “edited for time.”

In reality, the percentage of COVID fatalities who die with multiple comorbidities is significantly higher than 75%.

As Chris Martenson PhD explained, based on CDC data, only 0.9% of total COVID deaths were people with zero comorbidities:

For those not paying attention, this means that 99.1% of people that died of the rona, had at least 1 comorbidity. The boot on the other foot means, if you're healthy then...

Cast your mind back to August 2020, the CDC also acknowledged that, “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned,” meaning that 94% of COVID deaths involved at least one other comorbidity.

The Mockingbird media then went into a furious spinning excerise, involving much hair splitting, semantics and convoluted 'ah but' arguments after the discrepancy was found. Don't believe it until Snopes 'debunks' it, of which they (think) they did.

So GMA’s editing of Walensky’s comments only served to minimize the actual number of people who die with COVID and other comorbidities rather than from COVID.