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sleepingsysadmin 7 points ago +7 / -0

The NDP tried to do this many years ago and Trudeau said no.

So what changed? Its obvious what changed. The freedom protest in Ottawa was tremendously successful. Trudeau is literally incapable of getting another majority. There's too much controversy of blackface and even left-wing entities like nytimes have denounced Tyrannical Trudeau.

It also seems obvious, and Trudeau quietly revealed it, that Russia had agents in our media. They were the ones calling everyone nazis. Global has a couple funny examples where the author was saying nazi nazi nazi. Then suddenly in the thick of things 'went on vacation' for 10 days and when they came back it was all about identifying russian misinformation and how russian cyber warfare is a problem.

It's much better... the russian sanctions directly destroy a significant portion of environmental activism. As Russia out of self-interest funds those groups. Trudeau just lost a ton of allies.

It's worse... keystone xl shutdown. energy east shutdown. How exactly are we going to deliver our oil to europe? trains across the continent? Inevitable disaster of a train derailment.

The funny part. Everyone is talking about how this will be national pharmacare or dental. No chance, this isn't about them being able to go ham, it's them surviving.

86.8% to 117% and then refused to report in 2021?

5.7% inflation, there's no such thing as a unbalanced budget. When the government runs a deficit, it comes out as inflation.

Trudeau has produced more debt for our country than all other previous governments in history combined.

70% increase in military spending has been promised by Trudeau but is required by our allies. Where is that money coming from?

This anticonservative coalition is just paper. They cant finance anything they want to do and worse yet, Russian conflict means they have to break bread with their political opponents. The same people they have been actively attacking and calling nazis lately.