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USA Death Rate is 3.2%: https://virusncov.com/covid-statistics/usa Canada is 7.6%: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYF0fSy3SWU
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Ontario and Quebec dropped the ball hard with protecting long-term care residents. The CFR for Peel LTC/RH residents circa July 16th (their data is out of date) was 31%. I don't know about now. But this virus reaks havoc on people who are at the twilight of their life.

The CFR for my demo (30-39) in Peel is 0%. Hospitalization rate 2.5%.

The CFR for my dad's demo (70-79 year olds in Peel who don't live in LTC/RH) circa July 16th was 12.1%. The hospitalization rate (including LTC/RH residents) for his age group is 32%. He has cancer however most 70-79 year olds in Peel probably have pre-existing conditions too like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke survivors, etc. So I am concerned about this virus more than most people but people act like the death rate is 100% if you are old and sick.

The amount of shaming I see in the media directed towards people under 40 for rebelling against the notion of sacrificing the prime of their life for the old and sick is retarded for a virus right now that literally has less than 80 Ontarians hospitalized and kills 2-3 Ontarians a day. The 2017-18 flu/pneumonia killed 23 Canadians per 100,000 in 2018. Assuming Ontario flu/pneumonia deaths are comparable to Canada, that's 9-10 Ontarians a day dying to flu/pneumonia. We crushed the fucking shit out of the curve here. The old have already lived full lives. What the fuck. The immunocompromised have been terrified of getting colds even before this pandemic.

The wait for a safe effective vaccine is likely to be over a year. Maybe years. There has never been a vaccine even for common cold coronaviruses. So we're just supposed to give up our youth for the old and sick?

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The novel coronavirus is more severe and lethal than influenza so I agree that society should try to keep case levels down to a certain threshold and try to protect long term care and protect the vulnerable within reason. However with the way people speak, it's like they expect people to be in quarantine until cases are 0. My own family literally doesn't want me to see my girlfriend until there's a 100% effective vaccine because my dad is 72 and has cancer and I'm basically his caretaker because my brother lives too far and my sister lives downtown and doesn't drive. I don't want anything bad to happen to my dad. But you can't help but resent being asked to give up your love life for your dad when my dad had been married to my mom for 45 years and had his love life. And my girlfriend doesn't have any symptoms. But "muh asymptomatic transmission." What the fuck do the scientists even know about asymptomatic transmission anyways? The viral load in their droplets might not even be enough to infect others. If asymptomatic spread was a big factor, would we have even been able to crush the curve as hard as we did in the first place? The numbers are so low in Ontario now but my family won't be happy until it's 0. And it's not just my family that's like this. A lot of Liberals literally expect 0. They don't want to open schools. They want small children to stunt their cognitive development for life to save the old and sick.

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All the latest information is saying there is basically no asymptomatic transmission. Of course people will hold onto the earlier information that freaked them out and it will continue to be used during goalpost shifting for political purposes.

...Unless of course that THAT information is bullshit also. Fuck this shit.

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Our scientists had decades to study coronaviruses. While this is a novel coronavirus, I have to imagine scientists would have an idea of how transmission of coronaviruses work. Theresa Tam even said early on that it wasn't necessary to quarantine non-symptomatic travelers from Wuhan.

I've read some pretty scary shit about 2003 SARS and that shit basically just vanished into thin air. The scientists don't know shit about these viruses.

From what we understand, this coronavirus is basically 2019 SARS. It's labelled SARS-CoV-2 officially. But it's a more "hearty" and contagious strain of SARS. But also a less severe and lethal strain of SARS. And it's transmitted via respiratory droplets just like the other coronaviruses. A virus needs to have a sweet spot of heartiness/contagion and severity/lethality for it to become a pandemic. 2003 SARS was too severe and lethal and not hearty/contagious enough. The seasonal flu is fairly contagious but not severe or lethal enough to be a pandemic. The 1918 H1N1 had the worst combination of any virus. Agility, durability and knockout power. And the Black Death of any plague. The 2009 H1N1 was too weak to be a true pandemic even though WHO called it a pandemic.

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Death rate = number of dead divided by total infected.

How do we know total infected?

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The only number I have is the one Global News said: "There are now 117,031 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada, including 8947 deaths."

For what it's worth, I think Global is the most trustworthy TV news in Canada.

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But “confirmed cases” is not rightly a substitute for “number of infections.”

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Which means the mortality rate is way lower.

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Basic math is hard isn’t it Cuck?

Deaths are absolute regardless of “testing”. So you divide deaths by total population. We’re not even 1%.

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The COVID-19 death rate is the rate of deaths for confirmed COVID-19 cases. Not for the total population.

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Death is death. Diagnosed or not. Not like COVID goes “whoops, you’ve found out I’m here, you die now”