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At first it was "flatten the curve" to ensure that hospital capacity doesn't get overwhelmed. Now they are constantly shifting the goalposts. They literally expect quarantine until 0 cases or a 100% effective vaccine. Whenever you ask a leftist how many cases, positivity test rate, hospitalizations, deaths they are comfortable with, they'll never give you an example. They expect 0. In Ontario, COVID deaths per day dropped 97% from the peak, positivity rate dropped 97% (12.1% to 0.4%) because we're busting out all kinds tests, cases dropped 81% (and only 81% because we're testing way more than back in April). It'll never be enough.

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Dont be afraid, as soon as the election is behind us (and trump reelected), this virus will magically vanish, never to be heard from again.

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Imagine if they actually had a flu case and death ticker in October/November. The masks and social distancing would be forever when people realize that the flu/pneumonia killed 8,511 Canadians in 2018 even with flu and pneumonia vaccines.

Yes to be fair, the 2019 coronavirus killed more Canadians with social distancing than the 2017-18 flu did without social distancing (however we have the benefit of a flu shot, a pneumonia vaccine, we don't have a coronavirus vaccine so that's something to consider to). It is a more severe and lethal virus. But coronavirus cases and especially the positivity rate and death rate are way down now in Ontario compared to the peak and people still want quarantine until it goes to 0 or there's a 100% effective vaccine.

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"old me" would have punched holes in my mask and wrote "masks are gay".

The "new me in this New World Order" knows he will get in an altercation and avoids doing this out of "Old Common Sense", and that really did signal the end of the innocence of "immature me" and signalled the fact that we don't live in a "little baby country" anymore.

They all being forced to grow up too quickly, now, and that breaks my heart.

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Everyone should read Coddling of the American Mind. So good. Helped me understand better why we are where we are today and is helping me not be so angry about it.

Audible has it on audiobook read by the author and he does a good job.

If be interested to see where they stand on this covid stuff. Anti-Fragility and Safetyism seem like a big part of covid. Same with us vs them.