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Don’t like your earned income being allocated to paying for propaganda aimed at subverting your own best interests?


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This guys sex life is exclusively him sitting in a corner masturbating while his wife’s boyfriend fucks her

One HUNDRED percent certain

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I’m glad this is getting more attention

What a waste…

I’m sure there’s portions of the funding being misappropriated

One candidate has already said they will shut this project down if elected

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Pierre the WEF Young Global Leaders graduate

More of the same

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RCMP claims the guns were seized from the Coutts truckers, but the locals are saying different


Many commenters in the title post pointing out that every item in the picture looks to be in brand new mint condition...

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This is pretty fucked up!

Insert developing child preteen/teen who sees their classmates/friend(s) claim they’re trans or gay or whatever

Somehow all of the friend group now thinks they’re trans or gay too

This happens, constantly

Now insert parent of the child who says something like “maybe, maybe not. Growing up you’ll have questions like this or wonder for a moment if you’re attracted to the same sex but you’re just going through a lot while you’re growing up and so it’s best to wait until you’re a bit older before making decisions like these”


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Every single one of that accounts’ comments in the last week is in the negatives

They are a shill

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You assume these numbers are real

They’ve lied about literally everything else but the numbers are accurate?

The shots do fuck all but make this situation worse

Children don’t get strokes and heart attacks but here we are

Wake up

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See a doctor.

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bahahahaha why

I wasn't getting it two years ago so why would I now

for an increased mortality rate?

to neither get lockdowns nor mask mandates lifted?

to go on subscription service to big daddy pharma for the rest of my sick, transhuman life?


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Between this, the public office endorsement of the church burnings, the gun grabbing, the CBC radio propaganda cranked up to 11 and the poisonous, pedophilic entertainment industry in general

When are we done with this subversion of our country and heritage

People are waking up but it’s taking a lot longer than it should

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8% of the population worldwide

We already are by a wide margin

Get to makin those babies :)

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Couldn’t find anything after a quick search

Post an update if you find anything!

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Also, it’s a CTV news Saskatchewan poll, but the source was from a popular Tik tok account

If that helps with any credibility

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That's where I'm at, too

Their polls are just propaganda; completely made up

Just like the 2016 election polls saying 99% chance killary will win it

This is the support Maxime has without any media coverage, imagine what it'd be like with a fair fight

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They’re scared lol

This quite a contradiction to a Saskatchewan news channel poll:


Sorry for the Tik tok but it’s how it was sent to me

I could watch it without having the app installed

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Yeah I'm self employed business owner and so no one can mandate my vaccine at this point but my wife works in the public school system and is worried they will mandate vaccines for teachers and staff

I explain to her to refuse any testing and obviously any vaccines; make them fire you, if necessary

I would like to hear lawyers/judges comment on what is going on and employee rights, etc

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“Want to reject expert opinion and the established facts about COVID and put yourself and others at risk? Then you should pay, if your choice harms others.”

  • Arthur Caplan and Dorit Reiss

checks wikipedia, but already fucking knows

Arthur Caplan: " He has described his family as "Workmen's Circle, Zionist, and secular." He credits his background of Judaism with stimulating his interest in methods of inquiry and argument. "

Dorit Reiss: " Dorit Rubinstein Reiss is a Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of Law. She has also worked for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of Justice's Department of Public Law.

Reiss has become known for her work on legal issues regarding vaccination policies, and she has called for examination of whether parents who don't vaccinate their children, including those who obtain legal exemptions, should face legal liability. She is also noted for her support of California Senate Bill 277, which cut back on exemptions to vaccination requirements for enrollment in California schools and daycare centers. "




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More obstacles for the small business owner to overcome in Canada

Why would anyone set up shop here, at this point

The excruciatingly high electricity prices?

Our weak dollar? Didn’t they just print a bunch of money and plan in their budget to spend as much as all previous administrations in the history of Canada combined?

Our ridiculous taxes on everything?

Walmart Costco and Home Depot are killing it though

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Shortly after the Nova Scotia shooting the Trudeau administration enacted further gun restrictions

No debate and the guns had nothing to do with what happened in Nova Scotia

And then in the fall there were some evergreen laws pushed through that allows them to on a whim add new guns to the banned list so you can wake up an illegal gun owner at random

Took the guns, shut your business down, and now trying to silence you.

I’ve seen this movie before…

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They’re stoking every fire right now hoping the people just fight each other

It’s the whites It’s the blacks It’s the immigrants It’s the Jews It’s the Chinese It’s the Russians

The same media cabal is pushing all of those narratives

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