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First few days they did. There was a protest at the NS legislature for the muh racism harpies. The exact same people that always show up were there.

The Maritime offices for CTV and CBC are also located in downtown Halifax. The fishermen have shunned talking to them. CTV and CBC are probably concerned about being burned down lol.

Local news throttles a lot of news on both sides to keep people blissfully ignorant. Lots of protests occur with limited numbers and coverage.

Edit: Halifax is the Hub for all fictional sjw issues. The rest of the province experiences the real life versions.

Also, you can circle mainland NS in 12 hours, all communities are within 3 hours of Halifax. There is really no rural issue that doesn't effect Halifax directly. Here, distance does not block them out.

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Every local fastfood joint in most of Halifax is now %100 staffed by Indians.

Prior to Covid it was about half and half staffing.

In basically 2 years, no Indian Staff to all Indian Staff.

Every last one of them work and work fairly hard, I will say that.

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I would take "white power barbies"... 🙄...

Over "screaming harpy barbies" any day.

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A litany of name calling with zero examples of why any of those name calling's are justified.

From a pure literary point of of view this opinion article receives an F for that reason alone.

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I would do that in a heart beat but they have done a bang up job of infiltrating everywhere.

Rural NB and NS are littered with SJW cretins in key vocal positions over the last 4 years.

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Right on point.

Municipalities can also bring Provincial/Federal Governments down with enough bad actors spewing Propaganda in key cities.

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Serious consequences in Canada are saved for really important things like...

Not wearing a mask...

Calling Catherine McKenna a cunt...

Watching anything not approved by CBC...

The things that matter.

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Last municipal election I needed the Voter ID Card and 1 piece of Personal ID with address or a bill with my name and address.

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Everyday is Halloween since 2015 😂

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Apparently being a Canadian Citizen only means "payer of taxes".

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Theoretically yes.

You only need to know the names of those who do not intend to vote.

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Your Voter Registration Card is not even required.

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I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more of this.

So do I.

I know other fishermen and Nova Scotians in general will be watching this situation intently. I am hoping this will lead to lines drawn in the sand and a rise in support from the silent majority.

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asking for equal treatment without racial consideration is now racist.

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This will trigger an insufferable avalanche of racial backlash.

That was already in play and already the the future objective to carry on.

In the current system we exist under it is inevitable to end in conflict when one side is heavily favored under racial equity.

In aboriginal history skirmishes between tribes would have dictated coming to the table with an equitable resolution for both sides.

Conflict creates resolution when it's treated equally.

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No injuries were reported

I only see peaceful protests going on here.

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We're gonna need it 👍

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We must search the itemized billing for Orange Juice if we are to succeed.

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and I'll bet you have great odds of winning that bet.

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Leper Santa, terrifying children into wearing masks...

Yah, I guess I can see that being a leftist move.

Fucking 2020 leftist logic

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