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National day for truth and reconciliation....lies about the mass graves.

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Not like conservatives were exactly conservative this election, but trudeau just spent 600 mil on a pointless election, how 600 mil to the people struggling because of your lockdowns you absolute narcissist.

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Demographica have shifted too far. We will probably never have an actual nationalist for PM. Maybe conservatives should've actually been conservative. Too late this country is done.

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PPC pulls off the surprise upset tonight. Global(ist) news loses their minds. That would be amazing. Too many sheep in Canada.

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The whole point is to make whites feel guilty for history to open our borders to third worlders with zero allegiance to anything but money. What the elites want is a borderless world here everything we depend on is from them. We literally live in a world where a select few psychopaths make all our decisions for us as we fight for scraps that they graciously dangle in front of us.

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Chinese people only care about China. I keep on warning stupid leftists but they are so scared of being racist. It's not racist to have a unified country that votes for its best interests instead of the interests of foreign buyers. Sometimes I feel like this world has lost all common sense.

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Remember how mad leftists were when Trump refused to answer a biased CNN question? Why the double standard? This should be in mainstream news.

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If only white canadians realized just how much immigrants hate us and would even make up stories just to make us look bad. If they had any respect for Canada they would want to become Canadian. How can leftists look at Canada losing its core identity and basically becoming the wal-mart of countries and say "wow, what a great thing."

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Neutral. Brings in tourist dollars for Britain. I suppose tradition isn't a bad thing, and now that canada will be a Chinese Indian hybrid in the future might be good to hold on to the monarchy and European Canadian history before they take it away.

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If they're resorting to physical violence that means you've got under their skin. Max can handle it.

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Somebody should find out how much money Fraudci has invested in vaccine companies

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What exactly is the conservative party "conserving?"

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Gonna be really hard to justify when we reflect 5 years down the line.

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Keep this in mind for liberals when they scream "RACIST" for not wanting mass immigration. How about letting canadians buy homes in the country they were born in?

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Well his mom is canadian so she would bang anything that moves. Mental illness is rampant among Canadian women.

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I donr expect them to win, but imagine the media seethe if they won a seat.

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It's funny how people think canada is a "free" country. The narcissists in power are definitely enjoying the sense of power they have right now. Do me a favor, watch Dr henry, and watch the media who ask her questions. Listen to the inflection in their voices. Watch Dr Henry's eyes. It's subtle but you can spot her extreme sense of self importance by watching her eyes and listening to her speak. I think she is a genuinely evil person. I don't trust any person in a position of power.

I will also point out that she was at a football game not wearing a mask, enjoying the attention from people visiting her at her box. The liberal cluster b's on Twitter lost their minds, and I'm sure she was highly influenced by this. You see narcissists don't really care about the rest of us, but they care very very deeply about how they're perceived by others. I just wish people would think about what types of people are attracted to positions of power over other people.

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I legitimately haven't worn my mask since the very beginning. Outside of a few stares nobody has had the balls to even confront me.

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Same in every big canadian city. I remember going to high school in Vancouver and getting bullied on a daily basis for being white. Nobody really gave a crap but just imagine the roles were reversed it would be all over the news.

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