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Dude he was probably just hungry and needed a loaf of bread. AOC told me criminals only commit crime because they can't afford food.

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Some kind of "Vax certificate" to prove you have it or else you won't be allowed into grocery stores and stuff.

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you mean the crippled kid from Degrassi?

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It seems to me like this term came about as a preparation
They can't keep using "Minorities" forever, so this term "racialized" makes sure they can label them as victims even when Whites are a small minority

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More immigration, more foreign aid... Wtf?
It's like our country is just a piggy bank for the rest of the world and they don't care about our citizens here at all.

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I highly doubt this is being done to house the homeless, and to fix the homelessness problem.
This is just being done so they can bring in more "refugees" and put them in the hotels.

Bet they're going to buy up hotels/motels in rural towns and fill them with "refugees"

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Not really, Canada is considered a joke. We didnt even get the UNSC seat.

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Even if Canada had 0 emissions it wouldn't matter, we are only a drop in the bucket on the global scale. If climate crisis was real they'd be talking about China and India.

Climate change is simply a scam, its a wealth redistribution scheme. It's like a catch-all for what the globalists want. Groom us to accept a lower quality of life because of climate, groom us to accept millions of more migrants because they're "climate refugees" etc.

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Lol,, Anyone can make up whatever story they want and post it on Reddit and people will believe it. Far as i'm concerned, unless the poster provides proof, every story on reddit is fake.

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Lol my sister thought Andrew Scheer was going to ban abortions if he won.....

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I saw people in the Twitter replies saying "We need UBI because Automation is going to put massive amounts of people out of jobs soon"

The same liberals who say "we need mass immigration because we need more workers" Honk honk.

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This reminds me of a story shared a few weeks ago by ann coulter, where a black man said "I wish a white guy would call me the N word so I could beat his ass" Later on, the guy ended up attacking a random white guy anyways even though he didn't say the word.

Some of these people walk around with a constant chip on their shoulder just looking for any reason that they can to lash out. Its obvious this was not spontaneous. Look at how she goes on about being a "black queen" and says "your genes are recessive" rofl. She just has internalized anger against white people and wanted to randomly abuse one of them.

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Lol they always trash on right wing voters as being "Uneducated, low class, stupid because they didn't go to a fancy college"

But then they claim they are the party of the poor and the "working class". They trip over themselves to coddle refugees who don't even know how to use a toilet or speak english. And illegals. 50% of blacks in Baltimore can't even read, they are illiterate, yet they are smarter because they vote Democrat.

They only are "for the poor" if they vote the correct way. They instantly turn into smug elitists who laugh at the poor when they encounter a lower class person who is right wing.

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Lol it's nothing special to Toronto. It's simply that Toronto has the highest population. Every city is in decline and going down the same path as Toronto.

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The Paris climate accord is just a globalist wealth redistribution scheme. Voting PPC.

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I don't see how they manage to put the blame on conservatives or Trump for "dividing us" it's been happening since long before Trump and its the left and the media to blame. All the racism sexism stuff in the clickbait media started when, around 2012 or so?

They're the ones who pushed this racism sexism stuff, pit women against men, pit the other races against whites, and then say we are the divisive ones? "Agree with us or else you're being divisive!"

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This move probably could win him the election. Most people hate this critical race theory nonsense. It's the minority who actually like it, and the majority of people aren't allowed to voice their disapproval of it.

The only people who really buy into this crap are college students because it's been pumped into their head since middle school

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They probably leave without paying lol
This become the new strategy? Look for BLM protests and go to dinner near them. Order tons of drinks and good food then the rioters come shut the place down, you run off.

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This is creepy. look at the hashtag #EndCovidEverywhere and look at who is tweeting it, clearly not organic, they're all saying the same things and half look like fake accounts and look at these weird organizations:

"Global Citizen Canada"
"Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030."

"ONE Canada"
ONE Canada is part of a global movement campaigning to end extreme poverty & preventable disease by 2030

"Online Global Citizenship Education Resources"

GRAN https://twitter.com/GRANadvocates

EWB canada
"Canada & sub-Saharan Africa"

And theres a bunch more.

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My workplace is still closed though... Open everything up and cancel cerb.....

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I see them stealing shopping carts often too.

Just last week I was at a red light, Muslim lady starts pushing her stolen full shopping cart across the street when the light is about to turn green....
She's slowly pushing her cart across the crosswalk, holding up the entire intersection of traffic as we slowly wait for her to cross so we can drive. Then she gets across the street and pushes her stolen shopping cart to the government housing project where taxpayers pay for her entire life.

It's pathetic. These type of behaviors are normal in the countries they come from, and the more of them we bring in, the more those behaviors will become normal here. They just don't have any sense of following rules or common courtesy, this damn lady held up an entire intersection of a major road with 6 lanes of traffic.

And yes they ALWAYS argue with cashiers, It's like they think they are in a Bazaar in the middle east where they can haggle people down on the prices. /facepalm

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I noticed it too. ANd these people bring their bad behaviors with them.

How many times do I see these young Indian men driving like maniacs? They speed around in their cars and think they are big shots. And they whistle and harass every girl they see

And the muslim women in stores. They act like they own the place. They are very rude, take up all the space and do not care for people around them. They waste the cashier's time and always hold up the line so everyone else has to wait.How many times I've been in a Tim Hortons and a damn muslim or indian woman at the front of the line makes everyone wait 15 minutes because they are so selfish and don't care about others.

The whole sterotype of "polite and orderly Canadians" is going to disappear, fast, it's already gone in the major cities

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300,000 is only legal naturalized citizens.
Does not include foreign workers, or students, which they claim are "temporary" but they are not.
Also doesn't include birth tourism, "refugees" , illegal border crossers.

Real number is close to a million per year

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