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I’m concerned about the politics and leftist media contributing to this problem. I admit the title was a bit spicy. My comment before you locked the thread:

When there are constant problems from the usual suspects at shopping malls, it is disingenuous of media outlets like the CBC and the Toronto Star to put out ‘shopping while black’ articles blaming the extra attention received solely on racism. They know there are more contributing factors than just racism.

The same mall was shot up by repeat offender thugs just last month. This is supposed to be one of Toronto’s high-end luxury malls but it’s close proximity to a gang infested neighbourhood known as “the Jungle” and politically correct pressure not to harass the riff raff is turning it into a ghetto.

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The Trudeau’s imported these people from third world Somali, forcing us regular Canadians to have to live among them.

Trudeau has crippled the justice system that was barely able to keep them in line at the best of times. No more mandatory minimums for firearms offences under bill C-22 because too many non-Whites are charged with illegal gun possession. Hassan has at least two recent previous firearms offences from what I can find. Trudeau now wants to ban legal gun ownership from mostly White license holders to solve this problem, fucking clown world.

Trudeau has enabled radical groups like blm, for which he bows to, to make public enemies out of the police. Hassan felt brave enough to fight police while armed and the police were too scared to justifiably shoot him during his recent arrest. Imagine the riots if they shot this armed, resisting and violent career criminal.

Trudeau has weaponized the allegation of racism. Hassan has made human rights tribunal complaints against the Toronto police based on the grounds of racial discrimination.

. Possession of Prohibited Device 10 five counts of Fail to Comply with Recognizance

  1. Fail to Attend Court
  2. Possess Firearm while Prohibited

Clearly the system is broken and Justin wants to break it even more.

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Kinda funny how these new refugees are fortunate enough to be able to start an expensive business like a restaurant in downtown Toronto.

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Video of Alaa Al Soufi, bullying an elderly woman using a walker: https://youtu.be/w65-m7uf-44

Not to be confused with Alaa Ali Hejazi, who was arrested the same day for sexually assaulting multiple women.


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They are everything wrong with Canada’s immigration and everything immigrants idolize.

They do not want to be Canadians they want to be like these fake, flashy, fraudsters.

Some want to seek the truth but the majority of their followers are tribalistic people who side with their own kind and don’t need the facts. The liberals have already taught them they are victims of “racist Canada”.

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TL;DR Foreign born Pakistani Muslim YouTuber and 22 friends and family walk into an ice cream shop. They proceed to push a bunch of tables together and are told they cannot do that because they are now blocking the fire exit door and it is against COVID rules. They make up a story about racism and islamophobia and direct their millions of followers to ruin the business.

"I am so heartbroken. Demetres Oakville didn’t take our order and told us to leave because we are Muslim and wear hijab. I am so disgusted. Go to Google Maps, click review and give 1 star [to Demetres] and write #Banislamophobia. Let’s make sure it never happens to anyone again!”

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No, this is the diversity he wants. And there is strength in numbers. Be it the strength of 500,000 Indian immigrants taking over towns and cities or simply 4 Indians holding down a young girl and gang raping her just like they do back in Indian.

Peel police have charged three men and are looking for a fourth suspect in connection with a human trafficking investigation involving a teenage girl.


Canada-based, Jamaica-born dancehall deejay Trekar was slapped with human trafficking-related charges in Canada last week.


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Toronto would have a lot more protests if there were as many black criminals killed by police as there are White women killed by black men.

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Guy is a Somali Muslim, you know the small demographic that is grossly over represented for violent crime in Toronto, from the culture where there literally is no law and order and things are settled with violence. This news comes as a big surprise.

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This is hilarious. But also sad to know how bizarre it would be for this to be un-censored and allowed to be posted. Concern over crimes that will actually affect you, noticing crime trends, and disagreeing with the narrative on the cause and solution is now racist, forbidden to be talked about and censored.

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“See, we can’t even trust them with rocks, how are we supposed to trust them with guns”

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Armed home invasion incidences like this one from a few days ago will increase.

5 armed men forced their way into a family home at 1:40am. No descriptions given of the suspects race. Police believe they are targeting homes with luxury cars in the driveway. This is random and is no longer a case of “must have been an inside job”.

Law abiding citizens should have the means to defend themselves and family. Trudeau needs to concentrate on getting tough on the actual criminals.


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Bill Blair is a gun grabbing snake.

After the Nova Scotia shooting he was asked if the guns used were bought in Canada and if the shooter had a firearms license. He refused to answer these questions. Instead him and Trudeau seized the opportunity to move forward with a “military style weapons ban”. New regulations that would have had zero impact on prevention of that shooting.

Now he is ignoring black gang handgun crime and how the war on police and giving race baiters power has doubled shootings.

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Black gun crime is the problem and Trudeau, under bill C-22, wants to take it easier on Black thugs while getting tougher on mostly White law-abiding gun owners.

A black thug recently shot up a busy Toronto shopping mall. He has been arrested twice previously for illegal handgun possession in the last few years.

MMPs that would be repealed under Bill C-22 Criminal Code The reforms to mandatory minimum penalties being proposed only apply to certain offences, and do not limit the ability of a judge to impose a sentence of imprisonment, particularly where doing so is necessary to protect the safety of the public.

To address the over-incarceration rate of Indigenous peoples, as well as Black and marginalized Canadians, MMPs for the following offences would be repealed:

Using a firearm or imitation firearm in commission of offence, Possession of firearm or weapon knowing its possession is unauthorized, Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition,

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Refugees make up half of the shelter system in Toronto. A system that was already strained before the influx. The government pays for hotels for the refugees while our own Canadian citizens have to stay in crowded and disgusting shelters or on a wait list.

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Native protesters have been going after Trudeau’s campaign yet you will only hear the CBC whine when the anti-vaccine crowd does it.

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The HRT sides with, or at least humours, the criminally insane. See Jonathan Yaniv for example.

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“O'Toole, Singh denounce aggressive protesters dogging Trudeau campaign”

This is assault. Will the leaders including Trudeau denounce this assault? Or will Native privilege once again take precedent over who politicians and the media condemn.

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Probably got the scuff on his nose from falling down drunk off the White man’s firewater.

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I see your point. I'm not ADVOCATING anyone actually commit arson against catholic churches, but if I see it happen on the telly... https://imgur.com/a/zWFU9ti

What a shock, they also see no big deal in the burning of Catholic Churches.

These people want to:

Disarm you

Silence and censor you

Erase your history

Burn down your places of worship

Make you pay reparations

Blame you for the pandemic

Make you a second class citizen

Round you up and…

And they call us the Nazi’s

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