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Boobs and a penis! Pfizer and Moderna! It's all the same to these people.

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Imagine being so complacent and ignorant to mix vaccines.

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This is absolutely terrifying.

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Have a question or even the slightest hesitation about the jab and endless boosters? EXTREMIST!!!!

Don't think we should lock down the entire country when someone sneezes? EXTREMIST!!!

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Meanwhile as an unvaccinated Canadian citizen I have to work a loophole for a land border and hole up at home for 14 days like a leper.

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This fear mongering man with a wig clearly has no grasp on reality or that his CCP and globalist co-plotting have failed. Outside of Twitter, everyone is over it. Nobody cares anymore.

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I agree. There's chatter online about PCR tests causing cancer but I can't really find any hard data to support those claims. Rapid testing is the answer!

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I vote for Pajeet Street. Perfect name for downtown Toronto.

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Pretty much. Still not getting it. Locked down with my own DNA and immune system beats skipping around town as a walking science experiment and ticking time bomb.

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"6 deaths a day from pojson drugs"

  • Pushes the vaccine
  • Also forbids ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine ... we're living in fucking clown world
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BASED GOODLIFE. It's almost like they're admitting their bullshit vaccine doesn't work or something.

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THIS. The most bizarre and troubling part of all this is how what, just 18 months ago, would have been considered unsound by anyone with a shred of scientific literacy...is now being celebrated. Asymptomatic spread, vaccines that aren't vaccines, foregoing clinical trials, and the list goes on. Don't even get me started on "Modern Monetary Theory"

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Politics is science now, and science is politics! 🤡🌎 When it's all made up anyways, factual evidence doesn't matter.

I can't wait to see the Twitter mob lose their shit and have their heads explode that their infallible WHO would dare contradict their also infallible Dr. Tam & Minister Hajdu.

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