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Literally safe third countries all around them, that are far more culturally similar but nah, come here rag fags, we need your enrichment

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Imagine believing the system can be fixed from within through “voting” the right person…

Abolition of this filth is the only way

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Hilarious, because the Bantu’s literally settled most of the “Black” parts of Africa themselves during the Bantu expansion period that went all the way into the 17th and 18th centuries. And their “settlements” coinciding with mass slaughter of indigenous tribes and herdsman who had occupied these lands.

Fuck these Supremacist pieces of dog shit. Their ancestors’ greatest cultural achievements are spears, bows and arrows

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Lol, no, Michelle Rempel’s wino-laden, childless, cat lady capitulations and endorsements of leftism are many degrees worse than a guy using Braveheart footage as a meme

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Bad, but not Michelle Rempel bad. Ham, you seem to always be silent when she issues forth one of her social media gems.

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They posted about Bernier leaving? This is a bad thing? What on earth is the matter with you.

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And they won’t. Because Maritimers are inherently stupid—all the clever ones of their race have fled and only parasitic morons remain.

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I am afraid you started it. Your own demagoguery and constant antagonism has for what must be over a year has brought this.

Your initial petulant actions, have—as Newton’s third law guarantees—equal and opposite petulant reactions.

Had you been more civil on the issue of PPC (civil disagreement instead of Kinsella-like smears for example), then you would not be dealing with these problems.

Unfortunately your unwillingness to recognize your hand in the disintegration of discourse here is why this forum is dying.

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I am not talking about trolls, that is a different piece.

You are stating that ANY promotion of PPC will be restricted. That explicitly means legitimate users.

I feel like its the Lord of the Flies and you are Jack: a child who is ramping up fear and paranoia for a beast that does not exist.

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“There is no principled argument for censorship; only arguments from power.” You have become what you claimed to once hate:
An OnGuardForThee Moderator

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“Well that is just something a racississt PPC supporter like her would say.” -HamBitch

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Here is a novel idea, that has been known by civilization for all time:

The military is no-place for females. Problem solved.

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Why not go to any of the “Stan” countries in their immediate vicinity?

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“Until it becomes an actual political disability to claim weakness and demand apologies—our public culture will continue to be held hostage by the damsels among us.” -Janice Fiamengo

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Speculation: the UK Bureaucracy loves its power (of course) and everytime their “freedom day” approaches, they literally lie and make shit up in order to indefinitely postpone it

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And this kind of post proves the point. Not even a PPC or Bernier support yet you point the finger still.

You are fucking delirious dude.
Bernier left in 2018, so this is not new, but in the last few months you have lost your marbles completely.

You are a radical leftist Ham.

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Ocassionally, you raise good questions/points.

The amount that the South African situation is ignored because Blacks run that country (into the ground mind you) is hilarious.

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Its not even constant bickering between members, its literally the site moderator who cannot be a grown up when it comes to discussions about the CPC or PPC.

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How naive and foolish you are. “Brexit will never happen in your lifetime” was something they said. Then it happened.

It can never happen until it happens. That is how it always works. Cannot guarantee it will happen in my lifetime but Can at least be part of moving the needle towards a freer society. Cretins like you are just ballast and bystanders. You will change your tune to whatever is prevailing in the wind.

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Missing the point. These are the loyal Bolsheviks who were later purged because corruption always “cleanses” its useful idiots. That is the parallel being drawn

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You keep it up with that strawman. Don’t give a fuck about federal parties. Dissolving the Federation is the way

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