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The vaccine party will be over in the winter when the reality shows them to be useless

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Document this shit if they come out with vaccine passports it's evidence they're useless

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I remember Toronto that was great. Downtown was cool, were mostly working class real people instead of these yuppie fruit cakes. European areas were actually European. No Starbucks or Tim's on every corner. Actual identity and real authentic vibe. The east end was ie. Scarborough was multicultural but everyone got along.

My Toronto experience began 1994 or so. Went to shit around mid 2000s

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Haven't you heard they're going to start vaxxing 5 years and up soon. It's full blown pure evil at this point.

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I am ready but 99% are not because they think the vaccines are working now.

When I say cases went down last summer without a vaccine it short circuits their brain

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Well they arrested a guy who has some power and possibly the resources to file a proper lawsuit

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Covid killed whatever liveliness Montreal had. It's a sad pathetic ghost town

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Honestly I didn't even look at the dates but what you pointed out makes the media look even more retarded.

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it's just the way the world is now because of covid19"

It's not though much of the world is normal, maybe that's why Castros love child wants to control the internet

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How exactly do we do this? The amount of bureaucracy I had to go through just to reopen a speeding ticket conviction was nightmarish I can only imagine the amount of legwork, paperwork and signatures needed to sue the government

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Obviously the health of your heart is less important than a two day cold

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We have the retard covid strain in Ontario

Apparently covid here is way more dangerous than anywhere else in the world. Probably because our fat cow premier is terrified of having to potentially stop eating 5 cheese burgers a day.

On a side note a morbidly obese friend of mine had covid and had a 2 day fever. If he can survive I like my odds.

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I for one can't wait to outsource my immune system to big pharma

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Had an argument with CBC liberal shills same guys always come out with replies when you question the narrative

Here's an example

Me: Cases fell last summer without a vaccine so the vaccine isn't actually doing anything

..lockdowns worked

Weve been locked down for half a year in Ontario and Sweden didn't lock down and they did better than locked down europe

..population density

I list 25 countries that did worse than Sweden in Europe

..they didn't lock down

Throw links they all locked down

..name calling, anti vaxxer anti masker blah blah blah

Ask them how much they're getting paid from the LPC to spout propaganda

..account banned

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Boys and Girls if Rob Ford can become mayor of Liberal shit hole Toronto in a landslide anything can happen if the right person comes along to stir the sentiments of the people.

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Nah you won't have to move anywhere, Turdeau will kill the liberal party eventually. We're always 10 years behind the US, Canadians are just slow to boil.

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