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Jesus was a Jew from the Middle-East. 100% Semite with brown eyes, curly brown hair and olive skin....and probably very hairy.

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Ten of Obama's worst Lies:

10- "America is not in decline."
9- "My Christian faith" (noting contempt for Christians and promotion of Islam)
8- You can keep your doctor under ObamaCare
7- I love America 6- Michelle Obama is a woman and not born Michael (which he sometimes Freudian slips)
5- Malia and Natasha (Sasha).are "my" children.
4- Michelle gave birth to Malia and Natasha (Sasha) [She can't even remember their birthdays nor what hospital(s) they were born in) .
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIg6OMD-XQI&t=0m56s The Real Parents
3- I was born in America
2- My name given at birth is Barack Hussein Obama ( Barry Santoro )
1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRTGQUISjI0

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Latino'? Hey, that's sexist.

HAHA Good Call! The faggot woke PC reporter wasn't PC.
Should be LATINO ... or LatinX as another member pointed out, I guess that's for in case their transgender or whatever. lol

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This is good.
But it will never happen.

**wE dIdN't KnOw! We WeRe JuSt DoInG wHaT ____ tOlD uS.

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The nearly 50% of Canadians who have died from Covid were unvaccinated.

a) You're counting the people who died before the vaccine was offered.
b) You're counting the people who died of "presumed covid" before the virus was even isolated.
c) You're counting the people who most probably died FALSE POSITIVE due to faulty tests (proved to be over 60% of the first tests) and of unrelated issues, regardless of whether or not they were "acutely ill". (Let's not forget that Canada had on average over 18,000 "flu" deaths per year for past 20 years, but there were virtually none during 2020-2021 for some reason.
d) You're counting the people who died "with" covid, but not "as a direct or indirect result of" covid, whereas "everyone" admitted to most hospitals was tested, including traumatic accident victims.

REGARDLESS, as of the date of this writing, there have been 51,249 reported DEATHS attributed to covid but 54,082 adverse reactions to covid vaccines "REPORTED" and 4 vaccines RECALLED.

And let's not forget that

  • the death spikes were shortly after (20 day periods) initial vaccines & boosters
  • 75% of the persons who died with covid were over 80 years old
  • 98% of the person who died with covid within 20 days of getting an initial vaccine (first, second or third dose) or booster were over 80 years old
  • NEARLY ALL of the people who died with covid had 1 or more comorbidity (diabetes, heart failure, obesity or other serious disease or disability etc., known or unknown prior to death and autopsy) listed on death certificate.
  • 42% of deaths were in people with Alzheimer's Dementia; they were not aware that they had respiratory issue; they were not aware that they needed to "cough" to clear sputum and as such developed pneumonia, which is often the actual cause of death in covid patients (33% reported).

Other comorbidities include the following, and MOST deaths involved 2 or more of Hypertensive diseases (15%), ischemic heart disease (13%), respiratory failure (13%), renal failure (12%), diabetes (12%), symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings not elsewhere classified (11%), chronic lower respiratory diseases (10%), nervous system disorders other than Alzheimer's (8%) and cancer (8%). Many of these conditions are significantly more prevalent among Canadians aged 65 or older, who accounted for 94% of all COVID-involved deaths.

#100% of the COVID-involved deaths of Canadians under the age of 45 had at least one other disease or condition certified on the medical certificate of death.

All a vaccine does is imitate response to produce antibodies. That's "science".
But since you can catch the same covid strain multiple times and can catch other strains after recovering from any particular strain, covid is like the common cold (hundreds of strains) in that an EFFECTIVE vaccine CANNOT be made, because there are no long-term antibodies retained from contracting and recovering from the disease.

What part of that is so difficult to understand?
will you accept more and more and more and more "boosters"...until one day you or someone you care about has an adverse reaction and you realize they are not "safe"?

Incidentally, Italy has changed it's pro-vaccine stance this week after its own health officials declared research proving that the covid vaccines suppress the body's natural tumor inhibitors and the spike of "weird cancers" being discovered all over the world are most probably caused by vaccine uptake.

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the vaccine doesn't work.

You are wrong. Of course it works. Every Pfizer ad proves you wrong, Pfizer CEO confirms it works. Man your stupid.

Well, it certainly worked to earn money for Pfizer...but shit is hitting the fan. More and more vaccine injuries ... and then, of course, are the people who got covid despite being triple-dog boosted.


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The real headline is "the vaccine works - despite constant whinging"

...except that the vaccine doesn't work, because only a virus which provides LONG-LASTING natural antibodies from contracting the disease can be made into a viable vaccine. Covid cannot, but that's actually good if you want to sell more doses by changing your lie from "one shot, never get sick" to "need a shot every few months and you will still get sick".

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The irony here being that...

  1. vaccines only work for viruses which provide natural immunity

  2. people can get sick multiple times from Covid whether or not they're vaccinated

  3. vaccinated people tend to deal with worse symptoms

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I suppose the facts that;

  • poliovirus and variola virus (smallpox) are most viruses which cause sudden acute illness are totally different virus types than COVID19 and all its strains and the immune response offers resistance and even immunity to survivors. This is the element/attribute which is required for an effective vaccine.

  • Vaccination against one strain of a virus such as Influenza with partial virus from that strain is not effective against the others...and so even flu vaccinations are ineffective, whereas the computer modeling predictions for what strain would make the rounds has been incorrect every single year. So, Canada has 10,000 flu-vaccinated people die every year. About 50 from the vaccine itself.

  • One can contract the same COVID virus strain and contract the associated disease multiple times with progressively worse symptoms, which means that even the illness does not provide resistance, let alone "immunity". Whereas a vaccine only mimics the immune response to a partial virus, there is NO resistance offered by any of the covid vaccines. But they convinced people to get a booster shot anyway. LOLOLOLOL $$$$$

  • Death rates in Canada among fully vaccinated and boosted people have risen to far above those of unvaccinated persons back in March.

...would be lost on you.

Yes, unvaccinated 93 year old diabetics with COPD still die from COVID just as they do from flu, but so do fully vaccinated and boosted folks of that description. The disturbing part is that 40 year olds who are otherwise healthy and have been vaccinated and boosted are dying too, whereas not nearly as many unvaccinated persons of that description.

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Kindly give it back to the CIA. A company in which they are invested created that app. Just like how a company owned and controlled by the CIA gave FaceBook about a hundred thousand dollars for servers in the early stages, in exchange for full admin priveleges. They saw the surveillance benefits.

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There is no proof that it has saved anyone.
The only proof lies in who it destroyed.

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Or they can just call themselves the Canadian Communist Party
Or they can continue as they are and just rig elections like in USA
or do alliances with other parties led by terrorism supporters

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Is this video from
1911 disarmed Turkey after which 1.5 million Armenians murdered by Police State,
1929 disarmed Russia after which 20 million Russians murdered by Police State,
1935 disarmed China after which 20 million Chinese murdered by Police State,
1938 disarmed Germany after which 6 million Germans murdered by Police State,
1996 disarmed Australia disarmed Australia, wherein thousands of Australians
were rounded-up and sent to concentration camps or arrested during protests of that treatment of others during COVID 2020-2022. ??

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If you mean ____ guys who were all about sub-base systems in their cars .. that is exactly the phenomenon. They can't hear it or even feel it but the old lady walking on the sidewalk gets knocked over and windows shatter a block away.

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How can you mourn something that abortionists insist isn't a living being?

This is such a good question.

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It won't be Tam. She was specifically hired in 2017 specifically for her expertise in...


"disease surveillance and vaccine uptake programs".

This is what it USED TO say at https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/corporate/organizational-structure/canada-chief-public-health-officer/biography.html

NOW it says "expertise in immunization, emergency preparedness and global health security".

Mask no work Mask no work!
2 months later .... Everybody wear mask!

She was born in Hong Kong. Certainly not a Chinese spy.
Oops .. Hong Kong is now China.

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Russian pipelines were shut down to destroy the Russian economy.

Canadian pipelines were shut down to destroy the Canadian economy. Why?

(We all know the answer - just don't have enough people aware of the question).

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Here's the story:

Bad-faith operators know people were upset.
Bad-faith operators inspire the convoy for purpose of showing the people what happens when you defy the government (bank accounts seized, arrests, held without bond, charged with domestic terrorism) ... so that during the next crisis, few will stand up.

Twig - a weak, usually dry and brittle, stick, easily broken.
Faggot - a bundle of twigs which feign strength when bound together.

Trudeau sent several faggots.

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Start at 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Trudeau is being blackmailed by the globalists who know about this .... https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xgsb9Jci8XSX/

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