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If they went full conservative Trudeau would have gotten a majority.

Canada is lost until the woke fad wears off. It's a country of followers who think the government is their daddy right now. We're fortunate O'Toole went far enough left that he got some of their votes.

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I live in Victoria so my vote for O'Toole would mean jack shit, I'm throwing one down for PPC

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I'm anticipating the worst, Canada is way too woke and will be signing up on fascist me harder daddy.

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The guy is a male version of a Kamala Harris type, he is a snake who will say anything to get elected. The "Conservative" party has probably been taken over by communists GG y'all.

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I've been saying the vax passports in BC will soon be irrelevant since they're just going to lock down everyone anyways

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Who is more against covid restrictions Alberta or Saskatchewan? In case I need to move.

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This is one of the lamest things I've ever heard

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He doesn't even need to cheat, people are cucks enough on their own

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My simple take would be world leaders/rich people have decided they want all the other major countries to copy the CCP's model instead of the US. Either because they're stupid/naive or because the CCP bought them off. They think they're the good guys and this is the route to a great reset type thing.

Once vax passports technology is in place it's easy road to a social credit system punishing people for going against the government in other ways. The only thing left to do at that point would be to phase out elections.