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It came out of the clear blue sky.

I had no idea the activists had infiltrated rHockey as well, otherwise I would have been more careful.

It was like from one day to the next it went from "Hockey" to "SJWCircleJerkSometimesAboutHockey" in the span of a week.

The Communists finally decided to come after our Great Game as well. Those cocksuckers.

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Big time. I can confirm.

They recently banned usage of the terms "Krakhead" and "Krakhouse".

I was banned for the following verbatim:

"Matt Cooke is a cocksucker."

Straight ban. They laughed at me when I appealed. They obviously looked at my history, connected Metacanada, and banned me based on that.

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Something really curious is happening with this story in rHockey.

The Mods have marked it as "rumour/unconfirmed". They didn't bother to share how they came across such information.

And the story went from near the top, hundreds of comments negative against the League and government. Then suddenly, massively downvoted, drifting towards killing the story.

Are the Mods manipulating this story? And why??

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This is the dumbest thing I've heard in weeks.

We're living in Clown World.

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Imagine how ridiculous this is all going to look a year from now while they are still giving us the same excuse.

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I did bud. I did.

And I never said "all of Wikipedia" is an unreliable source. I said that particular page, and several other pages of related material, are not accurate.

And they are not. And I have shown you exactly where.

I know you have a hard time reading. But try to keep up.

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Trudeau is such a disingenuous crook it boggles the mind people here still support him.

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Well, and the rest of us have all been banned.

It's a joke.

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Great idea guys. Let's bring in a record amount of immigrants in the middle of a pandemic and an unemployment crisis!

Yay! So brave and progressive!

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Except, that's not what happened.

Do you jerk off while you lose arguments as well?

Like I'm wondering what the motivation is to keep embarrassing yourself.

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I can feel your tears from here. There there. It's okay to be retarded.

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There really are only two options.

I've also heard there is a third option by the name of Biden, but I don't think any of us here want to support him.

So it's down to Kayne or Trump.

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Keep up the good fight man. I've been doing the same. It's a good time. The Mods are a bunch of dipshits.

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Do you think they can see our IP addresses?

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I remember you man!

I don't remember what it was, but yeah that was a ridiculous ban.

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So they were about to ban it, and then realized they shouldn't.

Unelected, non-vetted, politically active nimcompoops in charge of the flow of information.


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What time?

At 10:30am EST I couldn't listen to that podcast. I could listen to every other Joe Rogan, but not that one.

Tim Pool was talking about this earlier today as well.

I think they banned it, and have now unbanned it.

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I feel like we've already reached the level of Acceptance, like a long time ago.

RIP Metacanada and Freedom Of Speech.

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"I will slap the tits right off ya, retard."

  • Biden Supporter, Democrat, 2020
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One might think now, while everyone is self-isolating, might be the best time to finish the construction.

But apparently not. Apparently we can only do construction in the middle of the busiest season of the year while everyone is outside wanting to enjoy themselves.

Thank you, government. Thank you oh so very much.

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