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"those who are unvaccinated are 0.7 times more likely to test positive for the novel coronavirus."

Weird way of saying the the vaccinated are 30% more likely to test positive.

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Got contact info for a class action suit? I'd be interested in joining, got a "sorry no plane ride for you" email from Air Canada when I inquired about their policy

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To any CPC staffers on here: you nominate Charest and I'll vote purple.

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Approved =/= available

The vaccinated are getting omnicron just as are the unvaccinated. The problem causing hospital capacity issues isn't the unvaccinated. It's the lack of provincial investment in health care beyond the bare minimum, meeting variants that just might be caused by leaky vaccines, a phenomenon with precedent

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But that's not Legault's argument. His point is that those who haven't taken a pfizer or moderna shot are clogging up the health care system and causing additional costs. The contagious aspect isn't the basis of his policy.

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Too bad it's anonymous, eh?

They're working to take away online anonymity. Be VERY careful what you wish for

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The war on COVID will probably last as least as long as the War on Drugs or the War on Terror.

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Only 10 people will be allowed to gather outdoors on private property if someone is attending who's eligible for vaccination but hasn't gotten their shots. In indoor public spaces, only 25 people or 25 per cent capacity, whichever is lower, will be allowed in such a situation.

So a great way to turn families and friends against each other. Put limitations on the entire gathering for only one person.

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They didn't. They just ignore the 0.2% death rate and carry on with making counterfeit junk, and oppressing people in Tibet and Hong Kong.

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We can notch about Canadian politicians but the real problem is the Canadian citizenry. We've been taught to hate ourselves and our history. We take the "peace order and good governance" completely for granted, ignorant of how rare and fragile such a society is in all of human history

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MetaCanada, the predecessor to OmegaCanada, was right-wing shitposting long before TheDonald was even a thing on reddit. Old school cred