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naaa. not many of these mother fuckers end up here in rural Canada where the men are burly and the moose run scared, no homo.

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I'd love to punch Mr Ed right in the teeth

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Howdy partner. No cowboys named woody here I guess.

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What gets me is how the governments funding auto manufacturers for new electric cars. Wouldn't that money be better spent researching zero emission scrubbers for current vehicle and putting those to use. Changing and or adjusting the current system seems like a no brainer verse replacing it completely. Not that I'm all the worried about co2, I just don't like the bullshit of taxation when Canada can't even figure out recycling.

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oh I know, got a few myself, plus tons of shit I don't need and a house I might never pay off. life :)

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"I tell you what!!! buuuuurrrrrpppp. he's gonna win!!" sums up my night on nov 3rd

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looks like she skipped leg days

PantySoup69 -6 points ago +3 / -9 (edited)

Fuckin nazi. Sarcasm guys come on

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her job is to make smug, condescending remakes and look like a stuck up cunt.

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but the shit that comes out of her mouth stinks way more

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pfff i didn't get it, even if i did, still think he's a cunt

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The entire free world should crush these mother fuckers

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