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Covid vaccines are only available for those 5+.

median hospitalization age was 2 yo.

dude below suggests:

if all children were born to or breastfed by mRNA injected women.

But that's like really pushing it.

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Why do you think the far-left want this? Who's been saying that?

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greatawakening.win, a home of Q nonsense, a sister site:

Why Zelensky is a Neo-Nazi & a Jewish FRAUD

Ukrainian nazis have false flag chemical attacked their own positions to draw NATO into a wider war. On top of that, the tomb of Joseph was vandalized twice. It's going to get a little wild.

DWAC Closing Price - $45.45

We're not agreeing with these morons, are we?

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Makes sense. Speech is not absolute, but limited, for exactly this purpose.

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What does hard right represent you think?

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Who should we vote for instead of JK?

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Some more on this for the nerds out there:

Jan 2021 CPI was 138.2.

Jan 2022 CPI was 145.3.

(145.3 / 138.2) - 1 = .051 << that's than annual inflation number.

Governor is saying that is if we removed the carbon tax from everything in Jan 2022 (like magically disappeared), then the CPI would be 144.7.

(144.7 / 138.2) - 1 = .047 << that's the counter factual inflation number if removed in Jan 2022.

But like, removing the carbon tax would be a one-time reduction in prices. It wouldn’t really affect the next month’s inflation rate.

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They are all effective. None of them have high incidences of anything to worry about. Good luck!

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The governor may be causing confusion here. Had all carbon pricing been eliminated in Jan, then yes. Had all carbon pricing never existed in the first place, then no.

Important to remember: Inflation is year-over-year changes in the CPI.

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only way you'll ever get herpes lol

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Your comment has been flagged as lacking. Please provide more substantive comments.

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Fuck me, it is still science. Different geographies have different healthcare, different demographics, etc. which may have different interactions with disease, economic policy, etc.

Here's a nice phrase to research: intuition pump. DoggyDawg, resident smooth-brain, used his intuition to attempt understanding, but failed to think deeper.

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GoFundMe != GiveSendGo, and yes, ~75% of donations on GiveSendGo were international. So are is the Liberal party lying? No. As like everything, it's conditional.

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Does Chrystia Freeland talk like a Nazi? Does she behave like a Nazi would? No. When did we start holding individuals to account for the actions or beliefs of their ancestors?

Do better, dude.

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