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Clearly Bernier wants Chinese style communism.

Why are you such a fucking faggot?

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Canada needs to break apart and die already. The federal government is evil and can't be fixed.

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O'Toole is destroying the CPC from within. There's no other excuse for this.

Poilievre should just step in and call for him to resign.

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These god damn fucking cuckservatives in this country...

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He's mad that Kenney isn't pushing harsher restrictions. Seems like more NDP faggotry.

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In my view, we should put anyone who supports vaccine passports in ovens.

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Nice burner account, Ham.

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What are you conserving if you don't care about murdering Canadian babies?

We can and should do both.

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Imagine being @Ham_sandwich77 and supporting an abortion extremist like O'Toole.

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Drats! We didn't plan for those meddling patriots to actually take the vaccines! Now we'll have to give them their rights back!


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Collapse and breaking into different countries is far more inevitable than revolution. The Canadian federal gov't would be powerless to stop it. The west would separate, Vancouver and Victoria Island would become its own little shithole, Atlantic Canada would amalgamate and Quebec would fuck off when it realizes it has nothing to leech off of.

There's no reason for Albertans to take up arms against Ottawa when they can just leave. The entire shitty setup of Canada is to feed Quebec. Once that can't happen, Canada ceases to exist and these problems disappear.

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"T-t-they're natural conservatives though! Vote CPC! Gotta beat Justin without being racist like Bernier, right guys?"

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Sad to say, but he's more qualified than Justin Trudeau. At least he worked for a living and made himself incredibly successful.

Can't really knock other countries for picking clown world leaders when we elect a substitute drama teacher/ski instructor.

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