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I'd pay good money to see them go toe to to in the ring.

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Well maybe a defeat would cause Erin the Tool to lose his leadership position.

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That's ridiculous. After reading about the conditions at the quarantine hotels, I don't know why anyone would want to stay in one.

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As a non-Canadian, what's up with that fine? You get fined just for traveling outside of the country?

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Ask them about chicken pox as if you have had it you can do a jig (tiktok dance routine) in a room of infected people and not get sick. Normally. Its super rare to get it twice.

Ironically, a study has come out suggesting that shingles (a reoccurrence of the chicken pox virus) is a possible side effect of the COVID vaccine.

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Plunk, plunk ?

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The same idiots supporting this sort of thing are the idiots who are deathly afraid of COVID. I guess that they don't care that this style of living is a great way to spread diseases.

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How interconnected were their drug addictions and mental illnesses? Like were they self-medicating or something?

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Shouldn't you assume that every one is infiltrated by glowies by this point?

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I know that this a joke, but in all seriousness, ever notice just how many power mods on Reddit are trannies?