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Background: Trinity Bible Chapel got doors locked by Doug Ford's AG after the church hosted an in-person Sunday service and got an injunction by a judge, and church triggered folks from r/waterloo back in January for opening their church in midst of the lockdowns

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A lot of time when you want to launch a human rights lawsuit, the defendant who are rich often have the ability to employ multiple lawyers or expensive lawyers to make you out of money by wasting time. However, for this case, TBC only have one lawyer from JCCF VS four lawyers from Doug Fords AG office

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There is a GoFundMe Page created for his Legal Defence https://ca.gofundme.com/f/legal-defense-support-for-rev-dr-aaron-rock

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I'm having trouble to submit image post, when I press "save" it shows "must contain words links or images" and failed to submit, reupload the image, and still couldn't submit it.

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I really asking mods to have the option to submit video posts