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Interesting, but not my tempo. I think the public would find that too cryptic and confusing and it would be odd to ask to the party leaders who are at the debate and aren't tackling debt.

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Ezra's said they only give paper copies with first and last names so that the govt knows there are folks, but they don't have all the info.

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Didn't Erin run in the leadership on defunding the CBC, he flipped on that. Same with a carbon tax, ran against it in the leadership but flipped on that. And I know Ham and others would say that "well that's what you do in a leadership, you run more right, than in an election you promise to govern more centric."

But that's the problem. How can we trust to believe O'Toole now? Literally months ago he was saying one thing, and now another.

Why would he not flip again were he to win?

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Salaries are listed on most of those. Seems like they are mostly between 40k - 80k depending on experience.

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Look like some good paying jobs to me.

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Lmfao, you think Rebel took money to do a hit piece on Chris? From whom? Who would pay for that? Why would Rebel take that? Ezra went on a livestream and addresses the interview in detail. https://www.rebelnews.com/daily_livestream_july_14_2021 and then this one too https://www.rebelnews.com/ezra_reacts_chris_sky_storms_out_of_interview_with_david_menzies

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Problem for Rebel is the snowball. YouTube, PayPal, all for no reasons — what’s next?

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True Blue with the Karahalios team!

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**LCBO is the government liquor store in Ontario.

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I too prefer for my tax dollars to just go to the CBC and folks without my permission.

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They get a lot of emails. Just keep trying until you hear back. It took me a bit to hear back from them, but they will get back eventually. [email protected] or [email protected] are where I had success. Instagram messages too...

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So nuts, for so many reasons. Let's examine a timeline:

  • Montreal government put in curfew and lockdown
  • Rebel News reporter Yankee Pollak reports on police harassment of Hassidic Jews in Montreal
  • Yankee gets thousands of dollars in fines and called names like "Jew media" by Montreal police
  • Rebel send more reporters to help out in Montreal -- those reporters get put in cuffs and issued thousands more in fines while reporting on protests
  • Ezra goes to Montreal with most of the Rebel team to show solidarity with his reporters and reports on curfew and lockdown protests
  • Police lockdown Ezra's Airbnb hotel for the entire day and throw Menzies in prison without charge
  • Montreal puts in an even more strick curfew the following day
  • People protest the strict curfew, Antifa/Blackblock riots
  • Mayor's chief of staff blames Ezra on Twitter.

edit: spelling and clarity

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Well, they show video evidence of something going on at the Tory residence. And if it wasn't him, but rather it was his children -- there is no difference. If you're going to lockdown other people's families, then your family better be following the same rules.

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I HATE to ask, but it's important for GoFundMe to not remove this, do we know if Adam authorized this in any way? Is this official at all?