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Why would you blame a bunch of voters who you call idiots and racists? Why are you so desperate for them to support the same party you support? Do you want to be associated with them and fly under the same banner?

You make no fucking sense.

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Hundreds of what? Unverified Twitter users? Doesn’t Twitter have millions of bots? Lol

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They? Or the particular individual you just linked to? Just wondering if you’re trying to paint all supporters of that party as the same based off of some random unverified Twitter account.

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A nice clear path for the ambulance to get through by the looks of it. The driver probably spends more time behind idiots not checking their mirrors on the road.

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Hopefully these consistent upticks move Canadians to the PPC. After the vaxx pass support I can’t in good conscious vote for any other party.

‘Show me your papers!!’ Fucking losers. I’d never support another party again who wants to split this country into a two tiered system like the Nazis did. So PPC all the way!

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They are doing that (at least in Ontario) because businesses have to follow the direction of the Ontario screening tool. The tools first question is if you are vaccinated. Interestingly, the tool will still tell you to get tested even if you say you’re vaccinated.

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Fake. This wasn't at a Tim Hortons so it's clearly not real. He only meets people at the finest of restaurants not this shit hole.

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I wonder if this guy also made a $400k+ withdraw from Brink before he went on a rampage.

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I'd like to think he's investigating him for being a shitty journalist but somehow doubt that's the case.

Either way, despite my hatred towards him for being the piece of shit he is, a government targeting journalists like this is despicable so I wish him the best on exposing it.

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Take a look at the writer of the article and his bio. Putting the writers bio line through my trusty liberal lingo decoder here I think I found your answer.


Alex Kaplan is a senior researcher at Media Matters with a focus on social media misinformation and disinformation and online extremism.


Alex Kaplan is a senior researcher at Media Matters with a focus on creating social media misinformation and disinformation to catalyze online extremism.

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I've been around, just not in MC. Got bored of seeing one of the new mods whine about boomers every 5 minutes so left the sub about a year ago.

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Not Shill, but if memory serves me they wrote a long winded apology to OGFT where the first letter of each paragraph spelled it out. I believe they may have even stickied it and had it up for quite a while before one of the users spotted it.