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They don't want to treat COVID any other way than with vaccines.

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I've watched three news reports on youtube and have yet to hear evidence for why this was a targeted attack.

Is the guy who crashed into them in custody? Did he tell something anti-muslim before doing it? Did he post something on social media indicating his motive? Nothing mentioned.

We don't know the motive at this point. This is all spin.

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In his email to staff, Steven Davidson, the province’s top civil servant, apologized for racism within the civil service.

“The society we live in – its history, its culture and its institutions – has been shaped by colonialism, slavery, racism and xenophobia,” Davidson wrote.

He went on to say that this system has privileged White people while restricting opportunities for Indigenous, Black, racialized and LGBTQ+ communities.

As he points out, the OPS is one of the wokest places you can possibly work. Perhaps this is the reason why everyone in the discussion groups painted it as a racist organization. I imagine there was also a selection bias as well seeing as people who view the service as racist may have been more likely to volunteer for these groups.

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At 3:10 you can see the public health officials giving his neighbour recording the police the middle finger. What's what gets me, it's not just about public health orders, this shows malice on their part.

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You added another two to get through the whole city.

No I didn't. That's where downtown is. In the 1800's the city would have been smaller as well.

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Google maps says that it's a 44 to 50 minute run (assuming the highway bridge was always there, which is most likely wasn't).

So when you say "5 minutes away," you're a filthy liar, just like the CBC.

In any case, the fact that there were records to destroy shows that they actually were keeping a record. Should they have been digitized? Probably, but maybe they didn't have the technology.

It's am assumption that they did all this to cover something up. Like I said before, many of these kids didn't have a family or were unwanted. They died from natural causes in most cases, and burying them is the obvious thing to do.

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This residential school is 5 minutes away from the city center of Kamloops. If there ever was a graveyard with wooden crosses behind the school, people would know of it.

Five minutes away by what? Cars or helicopters that didn't exist then?

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Any death occurring before the 1950s would likely require a quick burial due to a lack of refrigeration or modern embalming.

Exactly. What are they suppose to do with the rotting body? It would have started to stink after like 4 days. Sanitation reasons require that they be buried right away.

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If the implication is that they died from being mistreated then I would want to see evidence of that.

I'm also skeptical of them being unmarked graves. From what I've heard, they were marked in some way at the time. It's possible that over the course of time the markings (likely made of wood) rotted away as the gravesite became overgrown due to not being kept up by anyone. Or perhaps markings were stolen or vandalized as often happens in graveyards.

I don't know, but I would like other explanations to be considered before jumping to the conclusion that this was somehow nefarious.

And the reason they weren't sent back to their parents is that quite often they couldn't find their parents and they became the sole caregiver. So what do you do when you have no one to send the body back to? I imagine they received some sort of burial service and were respectfully burried in these places.

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Well, many of our Bishops are marxist right now. They are going right along with the narriatives the mainstream marxist media is pushing. And any priest on the ground level who dares question or contradict them is silenced.

See Fr. Altman as an example. The institutional Catholic Church is a problem, the actual Catholic faith isn't. The Bishops just ignore everything that isn't more than 50 years old.

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They didn't even dig up the bodies. We don't even know if the 215 number is accurate.

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The legislation specifically allows for exceptions. Not allowing anyone who can't wear a mask means that they would be discriminating against a ground protected by the human rights code. In a country that has laws everyone has to follow the laws, including any business implementing a masking policy.

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Someone tore it down. Do we have anyone to go put it back up?

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I'm not sure, I can't find it on the Toronto Star's actual website. It's probably behind a paywall.

However, I found this while searching. Another similar article from 2013 on "nudge units" from the Globe and Mail:


"It's known as the "nudge unit," because its mission is to "nudge" citizens into acting the way the government wishes they would."

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This stood out to me as well. These are extremely stressful and time consuming jobs with not much work-life balance. Maybe women just don't want to be in positions like this. Heck, I don't think I would want to be a finance executive.

This is pure propaganda. There isn't even an attempt to address possible causes other than white male oppression.

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Today there were two articles arguing in favour of immunity passports. The other is an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen, titled "The case for COVID-19 vaccination passports." https://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/adam-the-case-for-covid-19-vaccination-passports Is the media trying to prepare the public for the idea of immunity passports?

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I've never had my vaccinations checked to go to the US or Europe.

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I just find it so ignorant that they always presume that we only get our information only from one source. They don't imagine that any of us tune into CBC on the top of the hour in our cars or watch them on youtube.

In the middle she says "people don't like to change their minds when most of the information is of a particular kind." She can't even name a specific source, has no idea what she is talking about.

The reality is that the media and people who buy into their narrative are guilty of only getting their information from one source and not listening to anything counter to their preferred narrative.