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No one is asking for Canadian troops to spill their blood on Ukrainian soil. Ukrainian army is now quite skilled and competent, but badly lacks good weapons. Ukrainian tanks are former Soviet tanks made in 60's.

At the same time Russia is a military state, they have a 4th largest defense budget in the world, its own tanks, airplanes, missiles, etc. Ukraine produces very little arms and weapons, and historically it was buying it all from Russia, that's why now it is asking Western states to

  • sell it as much equipment as they can.
  • provide training if possible.
  • tell Russia it all will have consequences.

What's so wrong with it?

It is incorrect to assume it's West fault that Russia is so antagonistic. West never been Russophobic. US and Europe supported Russia during the difficult 90's years, Clintons' tried to do a "reset", the diplomats closed their eyes on so many wrong deeds by Russia, etc.

However, it is Russian official policy to do everything possible to piss off the West. It's how Putin keeps his ratings high, because it is a thug mentality. Notice how Russia never negotiates to get a fair deal, it negotiates to piss off the other party, and then walks away from the talks. Just like Hamas or Hezbollah. "They didn't accept our peaceful conditions!"

PS. Also, about that "language" map in the previous post, it is as relevant as saying that half of Switzerland is speaking German, so why shouldn't Germany just annex it?

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I guess if it were 1939, you would question the UK and France policy to protect Poland. Not in their national interest, right?

Suprisingly, all your arguments repeat the Russia Today narrative. Why? Western countries do not lay any claim to Ukraine, Ukraine itself is begging to be accepted to NATO to stop Russian aggression. Ukraine was asking to be accepted since 1991, and never got a positive response. Only now, when Russian army is so close, NATO is kinda looking into this, but not seriously enough. The story that NATO is trying to occupy Ukraine, or West is pushing eastward is nonsense. Eastern European countries don't want to have anything in common with Russia, they wanted to run away from it from day 1, and EU and NATO reluctantly accepted some of them with lots of conditions and very little protection.

Listen, Russia is a thug walking among polite Western countries. It constantly tries to cross the lines and see what it can get away with. It got away with the war in Georgia. It almost got away with annexing Crimea. As soon as it sees a firm response, it backs away, like a thug that got kicked into the knee. But if the West has no balls, Russia will keep squeezing it the way it wants. Putin is a crook, and his friends are crooks, and trust me you don't want to support these people. They are the worst scum on Earth. Fuck Russia, and fuck Putin in particular.

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Vaping and blasting loud music in the salon is now not behaving like sheeple, OK.

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"We are immunocompromised family that was staying inside for 21 months".

The family of obese diabetic fucks who want everyone to stay home and wear masks forever, because they can't fight their fears.

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it's all mostly true, but my kids started to avoid other kids in the playground. They also hesitated to invite anyone to play at home. I wonder if the new generation will be repulsed by the idea of kissing or having sex when they grow up.

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> Michael Embaie, the president of the African Community Association of Calgary, said that refusing to accept tests from South Africa was racist.

Refusing to accept fake vaccination certificates from a corrupted country is so racist, omigosh.

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Sad but so true. Not sure why downvoted.

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I love the first line of the article:

Kuttner, an expert in black holes

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"The actions of a few members of the Gidimt'en Clan who claim to evict Coastal GasLink and the RCMP from the headwaters of the Morice River (Wedzin Kwa in our language) do not represent the collective views of the clan or of most Wet'suwet;en people," said the statement from Chief Maureen Luggi and councillors Karen Ogen and Heather Nooski.

As usual, they can't control their own people.

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Hickman, along with her British, Finnish and American co-authors, surveyed 10,000 people aged 16 to 25 in 10 different countries and found:

75 per cent said they were frightened by the future, due to climate change. 56 per cent thought humanity was doomed. 45 per cent said their feelings about climate change negatively affected their daily life.

Gosh, 75 percent of people are stupid. No wonder Liberals win elections.

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You folks don't know, but Waterloo region got a new Director of Education jeewan chanicka, whose only achievement in life was making everyone to write his name in lowercase.

We should totally start spelling it as jEEWAN cHANIKA. This jEEWAN cHANIKA is all about diversity and inclusion, and nothing about the quality of education.

Yesterday was his moment to shine, as the students from a local school came to ask him TOUGH questions, as you can see in this screenshot. Not about the economy, not about wages, not about housing prices, or powerty, or country debt, or declining education levels, nope.

YOu can read more here:


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I instantly scared a local Green Party candidate with a nuclear energy question. Boo! Nooclear energeeee! Scary stuff!

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Other countries' experience tells us that the checks will be very relaxed because business owners want to see all the clients, vaxxed or not.

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That growth on Sep 1 is not 4th wave?

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The deaths are down because most vulnerable have been vaccinated already.

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Lol, good luck hiring local folks, watch them getting drunk and stealing your fuel and parts. Good luck trying to sell any produce without bribing the food safety department, fire dept, police, local government, federal government and whatever mafia boss comes to your door for their "fair" share. Good luck sending kids to any school. Good luck not being arrested for importing spare parts. Good luck getting any "free" healthcare.

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I believe the majority of daughters like this grow up without fathers.

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