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Maybe lol. Good to know there are other like-minded individuals nearby!

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Nice! As they say, there's strength in numbers.

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This one is truly massive, I'd say at least 10 to 20 times larger than the one from 3 weeks ago.

Definitely tens of thousands of people attending today.

With better coordination & advance notices (incl. on this site), even more people would come for sure.

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Hard to say, but as a very rough estimate, anywhere between 3,000 and 7,000 in total. Definitely more than a couple of thousand but likely less than 10 thousand people overall.

It took about 40 minutes for all of the participants to pass by me, at the speed and density you see in the beginning of the clip.

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Terrible! They're treating people like cattle.

Also, masks have this "side-effect" of dehumanizing wearers (no doubt something the government benefits from), by making everyone's faces uncrecognizable, and as we all know, human's faces have the most expressive features that define a person.

Furthermore, they muffle & de-individualize your voice making you sound generic and quiet, which has a psychological effect on your ability/desire to voice your opinions.

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Exactly, but what's even crazier, is that this condo stuff doesn't even fall under the bylaw, so they can't enforce it, apart from citing an obscure (and as I found out) irrelevant section of the Condominium Act.

Stores could technically deny you entry without a mask since they're private property, but there's no way you can be denied entry into your home regardless of what those idiots want.