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BREAKING: State Broadcaster Rosemary Barton just said that Elections Canada has released election results before polls closed. The CBC "has early results that we shouldn't have at this stage"


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My guess, PPCTards who downvote all my comments, as if I care.

But also Antifa/OGFT frequents this sub. A lot of them are the ones spamming, activating the auto mod to delete comments and pushing for PPC. They hate Ham for years, are frustrated metacanada was never shut down and want him off the internet.




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And the few seats Max will have in parliament won't last.

The government in power will make sure of that.

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Max is willing to sink the whole ship because he can't be the captain.

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PPC voters are too emotional they will not use their brains and logic to vote.

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He also has a villa in Florida to fuck off to when shit hits the fan.

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Reminds me when Trudeau paid Trevor Noah 50 Million from the Canadian tax payer to fund one of his foundations in Africa or some shit and announced it in a tweet, everyone cheering on twitter were Americans.

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They don't understand how voting works in this country. We vote with paper ballots and a pen. We don't use machines in the federal elections, they probably think voting for Max is like in the US where you vote for Trump or Biden. They don't even understand basic Canadian elections, ridings etc.

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Hundreds of PPC voters who are worried about Dominion machines. They don't even understand basic Canadian elections.

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PPC loves Gerry they want him in power for another 20 years apparently.

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Really? you don't think it's because most of Canada is leftist and most of the ridings are in major cities where those leftists live?

If Sloan was to run as PM right now he would lose horribly and the media would burn him. Canada is no longer what it used to be, you have to adapt and CPC is trying really hard but Max is not helping.

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Looks like mostly Haitians.

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I heard some say they rather continue with Trudeau, to stick it to O'Toole because he has become too left, than vote strategically and get Trudeau out. Unbelievable.

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It's a query, scroll down. There's literally hundreds of them.

Or do a search for ppc dominion machine.

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