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A democracy that has crushed indigenous and freedom protests has banned protesting.

A democracy that has limited protesting in any way is not a democracy.

Therefore yes, autocracy or authoritarian state is the reality.

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Technically no. What about freedom to the unborn? They have no rights?

Repealing Roe vs Wade will not result in saving any baby lives. They simply have to drive/fly to another state. It's only slightly more inconvenient.

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Years ago I saw many people predict this would happen because of #metoo. Hell even Dave Chappelle on his special sticks and stones said something along those lines.

I didn't believe it would ever even get close to happening, but here we are? It might be happening? Is happening?

The Liberal war between men and women is crazy. It's not going to end well.

What's wierd to me is liberals like her or gerald butts were there right away saying 'this could happen in canada'.

It's like... Harper ran on limiting abortion and never did it. His own party wouldn't go for it.

Pierre who is likely to be leader answered the question early and he's all 'freedom' aka free choice. So it's not really on the table in Canada.

What's the repeal of roe really do anyway? California and NY will still allow abortion.

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The Ottawa police negotiating with the organizers told them another protest is not allowed.

The organizers literally said it's not a protest, that they are only restoring honour to the memorial.

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Do you believe the government is behind them?


Do you believe the government silently approves and does nothing intentionally?


Do you believe the government fears escalating the issue with them?


Do you believe we should take a page out of their book and also start becoming violent?

I think the last choice is bad. Violence isn't going to solve anything.

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If you were fully vaccinated you could have used a passport whenever. Why the surge now? Unvaccinated can now leave Canada.

People are leaving and probably not coming back.

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Vehicle exclusion zones: As a result of the unlawful protest, the City of Ottawa’s position is that no motor vehicle protests, rallies or events will be allowed in the designated downtown core areas. The Ottawa Police is supporting and enforcing that decision. This includes areas near Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial and applies to all demonstrations, rallies and events. All motor vehicles will be prohibited from participating in any of these events in these designated areas.

So basically Ottawa Police have banned rolling thunder?

Not to be outdone by violating right to protest, they are now violating right to movement?

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Maxime Bernier was WEF. He answered on it saying that he was there during afghan war trying to find allies. His point is that WEF isnt a cabal, they are a think tank who make arguments for what policies should work. You freely accept the arguments or not.

I dont really think the WEF conspiracy stuff is real. Trudeau is a blackface tyrant all on his own.

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“These are my personal opinions which do not affect the data I collect,” says Graves. “I should express them more temperately, or keep them to myself.” Graves denies his personal bias seeps into EKOS’s polling data. “You wouldn’t be in business for the amount of time I’ve been, and been as successful as I am, if you torqued your data,” he says.


I know for sure that I won't be considering EKOS as real data ever again.

Even the leftist media like the CBC might as well not use his data. It's going to be mocked.

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When twitter tells you that your planned censorship is too extreme... you know you fucked up pretty badly.

Then again they know what they are doing. What charter right hasn't been completely trampled on?

They removed our ability to protest against them. They already have compelled speech.

Censoring your speech is clearly next.

The big question, when do the non-violent revolution thing?

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The charter right says 'peaceful protest'

The only limitation on protesting is 'violence'

If there was violence in Ottawa, it would have been front page news and used as justification for the emergency act. They only ever had the 'fear of possible violence'. Yet they crushed the protest and have made conservative protesting illegal.

Meanwhile the left-wing protests are regularly violent and it goes unpunished.

Even the church burnings went completely uninvestigated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Canadian_church_burnings

Everyone here has to remember, we are all on team canada. We are allies. We might disagree how we spend our tax $, but ultimately we should be worked toward a positive end. What it looks like however is that the Left Wing under Trudeau is directly assaulting conservatives. You have to eventually say enough is enough and the left wing has broken the alliance. They have made the decision to break the Canadian alliance.

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In 2025 the liberals/trudeau will have been in power 10 years. 3 more years of scandals coming.

Trudeau will lose the election. Basically doesn't matter who is leader. So long as the platform the Cons put forward isn't just a copy and paste from the liberal platform and give no room for the PPC.

In my pov, it's 'axe the carbon tax but do outdoors environmental stuff like for hunters and fisherman' and 'defund the cbc' everything else is sort of a wash.

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The ndp coalition setup the election to happen in 2025. Jagmeet knows he loses the next election bigtime and he resigns election night. Trudeau will have been in power for 10 years after 3 more years of scandals? He loses this 2025 election for sure.

So the real election is this leadership race. Liberals are going to be out in force and seemingly the best they have is trying to assert conservatives are racists?

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Trudeau bought the media to lie for him. They labelled the freedom protest as nazi confederates looking to overthrow the government. He then used this false justification to crush human rights.

Peaceful protests are now illegal in Canada for conservatives.

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He deleted the posts and issued a 'sorry not sorry' apology and then blocked tons of conservatives. EKOS is very much untrustworthy and partisan.

The hilariousness to me is that his hatred is toward right wing authoritarian populism. Obviously targeting pierre and maxime.

The thing is... they are right wing libertarian populists. He's supposed to be a political expert and he got this simple fact incorrect.

Right-wing is obvious enough and I doubt he is angry over this.

Populism = opposite of being elite. For the people. I can see why he would hate this.

Libertarian = freedom. I can see why he would hate this but more importantly he mislabeled this one.

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An unenforceable requirement is worth nothing. There is no punishment if a country doesn't meet the 2% GDP target.

Fair point of view, but point I was getting at. Do you really want to risk this?

Energy East was cancelled because Quebec was against it, not because he wanted to hinder oil deliveries to Europe. He secured votes in Quebec with the cancellation.

Oh I understand. Not sure it makes a difference.

He didn't. Since Trudeau is in power oil production increased by over 30%. Trudeau can be the biggest environmentalist he can, but there is something even more powerful. Money, and oil makes money. Today we produce more oil than at any other point in Canadian history.

This was announced a day ago. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/new-plan-to-cut-greenhouse-gases-in-canada-tabled-by-environment-minister

42% cut of emissions from oil and gas sector without impacting production? Uh huh... that's not how it works.

There are countries in NATO with an even more desolate military and no one is threatening them to throw them out. Canada could even reduce its military budget and we would be still a core member of NATO just because of the fact that we have the largest access to the Arctic.

Who? Luxumberg is basically the only one worse than Canada.

No, that arctic access is a liability to NATO. It's something Russia clearly wants.

As we can see now in Ukraine these Russian planes aren't even a match to basic defenses like Stinger rockets. Our CF18s would destroy them easily.

So let me explain what happens. Our radar sees these tu160s coming. We send out CF18s.

Suddenly our CF18s are flaming wrecks landing in the arctic because of SU57s obliterated the shit out of them before the CF18s could even tell they were there. CF18s never fired anything, they didn't even see who shot those a2a.

In terms of russian airforce not showing up to Ukraine? Ya they have lots of S300 type. Russia already took out most military installations. The cost-benefit isnt there to deploy the airforce.

How about canadian arctic? Did we sign onto the missile defence system the USA offered? lol not even harper signed up for that. We have nothing other than the cf18s and hope that our allies keep us from getting dominated. That basically makes nato pretty damned important. Better not risk not meeting our requirements.

Afterall, it's not like im saying anything. Trudeau clearly promised to do this and this is why the 180 on the f35s.

Times change.

They do indeed.

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He isn't obligated. There is no law that requires him to hit 2% of the GDP as military spending no matter what Biden or Johnson say. And even if Canada doesn't hit the 2% GDP spending target (like many other NATO countries), NATO will still come to our defense.

It used to be an informal guideline. It became a requirement, but was flouted by Trudeau. It's an unenforceable requirement/obligation now.

What are they going to do though? Kick Canada out of NATO? Weaken NATO? Technically the 2024 date hasnt even come, but it's basically impossible to hit the number in a single year, he's obligated to start spending now or risk to see what punishment comes.

You have to put this in context as well. Europe needs our oil/gas.

Trudeau didn't meet the 2% requirement for 2024. He cancelled energy east to hinder delivering oil to europe. He also just announced significant reduction to oil and gas? Literally the opposite of what our NATO allies want him doing.

Trudeau looks like a diplomatic threat working against their interests. Maybe they just say... Canada and their 50 year old broken down unfunded military isnt even a great loss to NATO. We're out.

What happens next? Russia sends some more Tupolev Tu-160 to see how Canada is doing with our CF18s?

Clearly Canada is more than required which is why Trudeau is hypocritically breaking another election promise of not buying F35s.

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You joke, but if you could do this. There's some seriously high paying advertising and special effects jobs waiting for you because that's not easy to do.

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If you can’t afford kids please don’t expect others to pay for your kids. Why do you think we are giant welfare state?

So I will take it you are pro-immigration and anti-family.

For the record, as we get closer to 2030, they need to increase annual immigration slightly more. So you will be pleased.

Incidentally Germany is way ahead of us in so many ways. Afterall Hans Rosling was who first brought the issue to light and told Germany what they needed to do.

So Europeans wont be coming here. I can't fathom anyone in the USA coming here. So you can see why Trudeau is focusing on Syrians, Afghans, and Yemeni.

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Wait, how did you jump to Trump? This would be an indictment of Biden...

Obviously they censored the calls to avoid confirmation of AOC dying and being resurrected.

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Yup. None of them can remember a time when a Conservative candidate generated this much enthusiasm. And neither can I.

If the election happens in 2025 and I highly doubt this. Trudeau will have been in power for 10 years. Whoever becomes CPC leader will 100% win so long as the PPC either lose badly or are merged back in.

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