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Woodbridge/Vaughn fled to the hwy 9 area. From 400 over to about 50 is filling in with people who actually take care of their lawns and grow lovely gardens. Those are my people so to speak

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Oakville, Caledonian (overrun by the hoard already). They’re being held back in the new tech area by old York region money. Orangeville is fucked next. They already developed Dundalk to prepare for the white flight

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Guys look at the OP. This is a bait and slide thread . This op is a glowie

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Sounds like he was drugged or traumatized into a disassociated state .

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Bro I’m telling you she isn’t aware of her role. She was a Mtp student at western. She’s was most likely profiled and used . The media programs in that town are sketchy like that . Ask Andrew Lawton he’ll tell you. London is a hive of scum. Its survived off the war in Yemen for years now.

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Because he will lose his role in the play.

Canadian parliamentary politics are THEATRE

Haven’t you noticed jugmeet and Justin setting each other up for dunks? THEYRE ON THE SAME TEAM

The International Monetary Fund holds leadership conferences at Davos quarterly. Those two (and Harper) are a part of those conferences. It’s called the “world economic forum” . Their envoy to the country is Mark Carny .

These are the people who are calling us conspiracy theorist for pointing out that they are literally conspiring to destroy our lives for their benefit.