And people argue he's needed to keep this fourm from devolving? Look at the list of other mods, none of them have been active for a long time. What do former mods from all the way back to the reddit days have to say about ham? Insufferable. Thanks to Ham, here your left with only ham. Who will gaslight you and call you a racist. Not a team player? Not fit for the job. He want's 85% of you gone, so why stick around when this place is run by a clown? Go to a place where the mod team wont gaslight you and the drama can stay right here with ham. Live from


Lots of people in our neighborhood depend on pensions.

A pension shortfall will notably many seniors to cover food, insurance and property taxes (which are slated to jump massively by as much as 75% when MPAC does its reassessment on inflated property values, happens every so many years). Since the CPP isn't indexed with inflation, lots of seniors will lose their properties when they can't pay property taxes.

According to the National post, the CPPIB exposure is 56 billion invested in China

The lost pension money equates to a "China Tax"

"The US has a more thorough legal system for sanctions, originating with the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, which gives the president the power to oversee or restrict any and all trade between the US and its enemies in times of war."

The outlook for pissed off civil servants doesn't look good.

All these bureaucrats will be really upset when their pensions are written off due to theft ie the China Tax or Globalization Taxes.

What are the government’s plans to back fill pensions other then raising taxes???

This is a really good documentary by US PBS that was published 4 days ago.

The US pension plans all followed the same business acumen of taking on high risk investments to get returns of 20% needed to gold plate promises made by democratic politicians to unions in agreements and rushed to China. China is now renegging on its obligation to pay back any of the funds. Like American acumen, Canadian pension plans did the same. Liberal promises go unfilled because Trudeau is greased up with WE Charity kick backs.

Very good video but its 50 minutes.


Seems most Canadian cities and towns have disclosure lists with employee names. I think it may be prudent to start making lists of anti white government workers who have profited from the downfall of Canada. This can all be added to the blockchain or ipfs shares. With crackdowns coming on online speech crowd sourcing something like this maybe not possible soon. Id also argue to leave out any brown skin worker as well and specifically only add white people to these lists. This project comes straight from Erin Otoole and Hamsandwich. Sure apologies may have to be made at some point but its a worthwhile endeavor


Reports claim that an online poll held yesterday has bruised his ego so badly, .win officials now fear for his personal wellbeing. It has now been 8 hours since the last sighting of Ham. .win officals are requesting volunteers to follow the trail of salt and return Ham Sandwich home safe and sound. Stay tuned for more updates, live from OmegaCanada. UPDATE: after 11 hours of tears Ham Sandwich has been found alive and salty. Amber Alert system is now deactivated

Tasted pretty moldy...... (
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