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I can't wait to hear all about how it's sexist to criticize McKenna for eating dogs and attending cock fights.

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More like not fighting a battle you know you can't win.

If we hand Trudeau a majority, that's it. We lose our ability to call an election again before the full term is up, and Trudeau is in power for at least another four years.

It makes zero sense to force an election that you know you can't win and will only strengthen the Liberal's position.

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...and a weak NDP is Trudeau's strength because it means the gets all those left-wing votes that the NDP has hemorrhaged.

Seriously, at this point we should all be donating to the NDP if we ever want to get rid of Trudeau. He'll never be defeated as long as the left are as united behind him as they are. We need a strong NDP to split that vote.

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Good. Trudeau probably would have won a majority if an election were called right now.

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This. Every party in this country walks in lock-step.

A throne speech followed by a confidence vote is part of the drill for opening the new session of parliament in the fall. It happens every year. They just didn't matter in the previous four years because the Liberals had a majority making the confidence vote part moot (since there's no way they could lose the vote).

Oh, and the Conservatives are voting against the throne speech. How is that "in lock step"? WTF else do you want them do?

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The throne speech followed by a confidence vote happens at the opening of every new session of parliament. There wasn't some conspiracy between the parties to hold a confidence vote and have it fail. They have this vote every year. It's only newsworthy this year because it's a minority government, meaning there was a chance the confidence vote could fail.

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Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go!

Climate change isn't going anywhere you vacuous airheads. It was here long before humans came along and it'll be here long after we're gone.

But go ahead and keep protesting the weather if you think it'll help. At least you're providing entertainment for the rest of us.

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Is there seriously nobody in this guy's sphere who can tell him "No Drake, you're a grown man. You can't be 'friends' with teenage girls."?

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Think of the hellworld these leftist politicians are trying to create. A world where only one race is beholden to the law, and the rest can just run around doing whatever the hell they want. How does anyone with enough brain cells to read and write see this as a sustainable plan for the future?

This is what it looks like when hysterical political correctness is permitted to usurp basic reason, logic and common sense.

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Jesus Christ. Leave it to Trudeau to bring child sex trafficking into his pandemic response plan.

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She's not the only one either.


Drake is shaping up to be the next big "open secret" in that scene. The one everyone knew about but did nothing to stop.

They really are all a bunch of hypocrites. #MeToo my ass. They're already covering for the next predator.

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(2) Everyone commits an offence who, with intent to alarm or annoy a person, makes an indecent communication to that person or to any other person by a means of telecommunication.

Holy shit, now there's a law that needs to removed from the books for the sake of the Charter. The fact that the Supreme Court hasn't struck that law down just proves what a sham that outfit is and what a banana republic this country is.

That law could be used to charge people for saying just about anything. "All lives matter", "There are only two genders", "It's ok to be white" and "Communism doesn't work" could all be grounds to lock someone up under that stupid law.

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Better a faggot than a sucker who's been duped by a snake-oil salesman who takes money from gullible dummies in exchange for promises he knows he can never deliver on. A snake-oil salesman who denigrates real right-wingers like Trump, until he realizes there's a market there to be exploited then he changes his tune and the suckers believe him.

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LOL of course you believe him when he's trying to sell you a pitch, but not when his mask accidentally falls off. You just pretend that didn't happen, like a good little cultist.

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  1. Since when do BLM/Antifa burn down suburban houses? It's not impossible, but it's highly unusual.

  2. The "Biden 2020" graffiti screams false flag. These hoax crimes always feature some conspicuously on-the-nose attribution to the politician or candidate they're meant to hurt, like "This is MAGA country". Not to mention BLM and antifa don't support Biden.

  3. There's an election campaign going on right now. The homeowners are outspoken Trump supporters.

This is all very fishy. I fear the media are about to be handed a "Trump supporters burn down own house hoping to blame anti-racism protesters" false flag story, which will be a PR victory for Biden.

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Still more conservative than Max "We Don't need this karaoke version of Donald Trump" Bernier.

I never heard Ford try to insult conservative politicians who want to reduce immigration by comparing them to Trump.

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Those are not Canadian values, those are leftist values.

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Explain your assumption that, just because they did poorly one election, they will eternally do poorly.

Ok sure.

The Green party have been at it for 37 years and have only managed to climb to three seats. So what year do you estimate they'll win an election and form a government?

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Do the deficits stop? (no)

Yes. That was in O'Toole's platform.

Do the taxes stop or start going down? (no)

Yes, that was in O'Toole's platform.

Do you mean to tell me you didn't even read O'Toole's platform? You're seriously just going to make shit up and hope I haven't read it?

Now let me guess: This where you say "Durr, he's not going to deliver on those things anyway".

Ok, give me one good reason why anyone should believe Max intends to deliver on any of his promises?

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Oh good, ANOTHER vote splitting mechanism to benefit the Liberals.
You guys are the best thing that's every happened to Trudeau and Butts.

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