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Kenney tried to manage Western alienation, secessionist energies, and Alberta-firewall-styled antipathy for the shitheads in Ottawa / Quebec, but was caltropped by his federalist skew (he is a Canadian patriot first, a proponent for a more independent Alberta second).

If the Wild Rose contingent in the UCP takes charge and campaigns on secessionist rhetoric, they will lose.

What I wonder is who on the bench has sufficient gravitas or name-recognition to hype the vote?

Lastly: the federal conservatives know that it's harder to motivate voters in provinces with conservative premiers / governments during a federal election (i.e. that it's easier to exploit unease under a provincial NDP/Lib kakistocracy), so I doubt the CPC (including Poilievre) will do much to buttress any UCP campaigner moving forward.

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I was born and raised in Calgary. I love the city. But with sadness in my heart, I can readily admit that it's become another pinko urban hive. Until the Sino-American War resets everyone's expectations, anyone who can win Calgary in a provincial election probably isn't worth their salt.

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Base will now have to put up with Notley come the next election.

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After the Queen apologizes, each of the Indian bands should apologize to one another for centuries of slavery, internecine warfare, torture, and war crimes.

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Good add. Take a link, go to archive.ph, plop it in. If it has already been archived, you'll be redirected to a behind-the-paywall article. If it hasn't, it'll take a minute or two to archive, then voila.

Two notes: you don't need to take Postmedia (Calgary Herald, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun, etc.) to Archive.ph. All you need to do if you've already used up your "free reads" is copy the link then open it up in an incognito tab.

Globe & Mail has caught on, and they archive some of their links with the paywall up, blocking the content. Solution: avoid that wasp rag.

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"Hence the excuse for the last oppression will always serve as well for the next oppression; and to that tyranny there can be no end." -G.K. Chesterton

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Why did BLM take off in Canada? Why do we have prohibitions on legal firearms? We do we have DEI enforced in and by Canadian businesses?

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And I shouldn't have ruled out the good of the rallies entirely. I do hope they are fruitful; just based on the website, I couldn't find anything substantial. IF you go, good luck to you and may it yield results or friendships!

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I take your points, but would revisit mine:

There is a difference between socializing and purposed public engagement. If you want to find each other, throw a social. Rent out a Legion Hall. Build a mailing list. Foster those connections. Build common cause. THEN go public.

"You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion."

Meeting people without a purpose in a protest / demonstration environment means you won't accomplish anything. (If, however, you met up before hand i.e., at a legion social, and coordinated, set goals, etc., you can execute in a synchronous fashion, utilizing your time and resources more effectively / judiciously.)

Don't get me wrong: I am all about getting involved. I started HeadlinesInGIFs.com; ThePopCan.net. I had produced over fifty hours of video content before I got permanently terminated from YouTube. I was red-pilling 31K on Tumblr before getting a lifetime ban. I engage people in my church community and elsewhere. But when it's about more than just building social connections, you have to be strategic and intentional about it.

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Very little on purpose on the Rolling Thunder HQ page: https://rollingthunderottawa.com/

Sounds like an admixture of boomers keen on purposing a long-ride, glowies, and unfocused frustration.

Would avoid like the plague.

Unless a protest has an orthodoxy (i.e. a mission, set realistic goals, a schedule, etc.) and a hierarchy, it is doomed to fail.

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He changed a lot of minds in 2018 when he did that debate with Frum in Toronto.

I talked to him on the phone last year about a Canadian effort, but alienated elements of his team with my Jack Maxey article.

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The WEF conspiracy stuff is legitimate (there is plenty of tape of WEF proponents, especially Schwab, straight up bragging about having high-ranking politicians as puppets) but it is critical to recognize that, as with any organization, there are multiple layers, and that interlopers or those simply on the periphery aren't necessarily involved or wise to the machinations.

Council of Foreign Relations is comparable in some regards, granted the one-off events and basic members aren't serious power-brokers and they certainly aren't geopolitical chess masters, which is not to say that at the heart of it there aren't or that the CFR doesn't have a cabal at its core.

The WEF serves to drive alignment amongst the world's technocrats; to ensure synchronicity on initiatives that demand universality and to advance centralization where desired.

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Bannon didn't go to jail. They frog-walked him when trying to fuck him over border wall money and failed. He is the Chief of the populist movements in Europe, in the United States, and Latin America. His expertise and resources would come in handy.

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Steve Bannon or Brad Parscale's help would be incredible.

Roger Stone is a liability. Correction: he's political cancer.

I didn't believe the story when I first read it. Such a bizarre move.

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That would suggest that the natural immunity here discussed is for the supposedly 'scarier' forms of the CCP Virus contra the mild Omicron variant. Getting Omicron is basically an easy-breezy natural vax by comparison.

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Yeah bud. I've got shit lungs (pneumonia over 8 times) and breezed through the delta version of the CCP Virus. We fucked our civilization up over a mild flu.

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When they first locked down Wuhan, they moved the 13 industrial incinerators they were using on pigs sick with the swine flu over and started using them on live infected human beings.

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I really like Leslyn Lewis. Early on, I volunteered my services as a speechwriter, but didn't hear back. I just don't see her winning the leadership. That said, a serious cabinet position is in the cards.

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