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Am I wrong or did you say a few weeks ago that you're not boosted? When did you get boosted? When will you be getting your next booster?

"you have to live through covid to get it. Over six million people haven't managed that."

Source please? This is more disinformation.

"it's at 46.1%, compared to stronger protection from everything else except doing nothing and failing to get boosted."

Right, two shots gives no protection but prior infection gives "strong effectiveness".

"You can call it that if you want but you're wrong."

You still think natural aquired immunity is a conspiracy theory? Do you not agree with the science of immunology?

Side question, are you still overweight? Because if you are you should be cut off from society until you get with the science and get healthy. Being overweight is a primary co-morbidity and a massive strain on the healthcare system. It's an active choice you make every single time you overeat and eat unhealthy food.

Do you routinely exercise? If not same deal, you should obviously be cut from non essential activities especially eating at restaurants and flying.

I'll never understand hypocrites who expect others to take steps but refuse to take steps themselves, its incredibly entitled and selfish.

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"previous infection alone ... showed strong effectiveness"

You data demonstrates how vastly superior natural immunity is compared to the vaccines. (you always denied this longstanding scientific fact until now, treating is as a conspiracy theory in a desperate attempt to misinform people)

It proves natural immunity persists beyond 6 months where immunity from vaccination does not.

A few months ago you were fine with people who were vaccinated over 6 months ago with "negligible" protection getting a free pass to fly, while the naturally immune with "strong effectiveness" were treated as a second class.

It's time to begin apologizing for spreading misinformation and disinformation.

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Also waiting to hear how they’re going to diagnose the myocarditis in the babies that will invariably develop it.

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Yes and if she didn’t get the boosters she would have died or developed “long covid”

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A society that would use children to shield the elderly doesn’t deserve to survive, and it won’t.

A precious child is worth more than all of the 80 year olds.

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Liberal areas are always the worst.

Of course Liberals are too stupid and disingenuous to draw a parallel between cause and effect.

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Look how low the risk is for everyone except the 70+ crowd.

Liberals don't care about real world data, they only care about their political agenda.

0.0% risk of death among 12 - 18 year olds, but Liberals don't want the to have a choice.

Your body Tuchodi's choice.

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The risk of covid to 12 - 18 year olds is 0.0% according to the government of Canada. Full stop.


Is your minuscule brain capable of understanding what 0.0% means?

Where is your proof the vaccine lowers the risk for 12 - 18 year olds below 0.0%?


Inject yourself with a million doses (god please do), leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

Jesus Liberals like Tuchodi are morons.

It's time we ask ourselves, do we continue to tolerate these people?

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Repeat after me Tuchodi “health Canada data advertises that 0.0% of 12 - 18 year olds have died of covid.”

Will you admit the fact that the vaccines can cause permanent injury and death to 12 - 18 year olds?

You evil sick monster.

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“That would only be true if no children had died. I know you aren't claiming that no children have died.”

  • 0.0% is from health Canada, you’ve interacted with that data you slimy liar.

“Children younger than 12 years, 4 months have always been able to travel. You probably mean teenagers.”

-Teenagers are children by definition retard. You want their rights taken away at Justin Trudeau’s political whim for a 0.0% risk.

Just like your Liberal masters youre always lying.

Eat shit evil Liberal cunt.

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Incorrect they were filming both Topp and the crowd. He was in the video almost the entire time. Did we watch the same video?

You’ve chosen to try and raise skepticism against Topp by guessing he’s a bad actor without anything.

You could review the info already posted, including a post yesterday you interacted with, which answer your questions- why didn’t you review any info?

He was fired from Armed Forces for refusing vax.

He chose to March to Ottawa in protest.

Mainstream media refuses to cover the story since they’re in Trudeaus pocket.

The video showing the crowd is to demonstrate that this is a real thing, it’s actually critical to have this video to further indict the media.

It seems more likely that you’re the bad actor.

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You admit 0.0% is the risk to children of death from covid, yet you advocate restricting their movement if they haven’t received the injections, at your master Justin Trudeau’s whim.

It’s a fact that you would put the lives of children at risk in an attempt to protect adults. Reminds me of the Mayans and child sacrifice.

You’re a truly evil wretch.

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Did you watch the video? It's of cars honking for and people cheering for and hugging Topp.

Please enlighten us as to what the story is?

Do you have any basis for your skepticism of Topp?

Please let us know specifically what makes you suspect he might be a "psyop like Bernier".

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Reuters pumps out plenty of trash.

I don’t accept news articles from any source or side as gospel, that’s more of a leftist type behaviour.

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Yes that’s exactly correct.

I wrote the title quickly after seeing the announcement, but it’s totally wrong.

They also talked about changing the definition of fully vaxxed to 3 doses, which frankly I hope they do.

China, North Korea and Trudeau’s Canada, three peas in a pod.

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