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This link contains the 63 studies with control group that demonstrate how effective it is as prophylaxis and treatment:


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Thought I posted this earlier, not sure if it got deleted or if I screwed up.

I guess I'll find out shortly.

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😆 fully pretends PPC doesn’t exist

No mention of PPC- doesn’t include them as one of the 5 “main parties”, doesn’t mention them as a fringe party.

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CPC was polling at 35-37% late Aug early Sep.

At the same time PPC was polling 5-6%.

You’ll have to go back to Harpers glory days to find better CPC election polling.

At some point the blame for CPCs political failures should rest at their own feet.

I wonder if the dairy lobby was worth it.

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Last time CPC probably got about half of the PPC vote on election night from strategic voting.

I doubt the left elements of PPC support will migrate back to the socialists on election night, but many more of the conservative elements will likely strategic vote at the booth.

Shifting left wing votes to the right matters.

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Haha yeah I know, but it was still a good post.

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Lvl 10 redpill

Even some of the clapping barking seals on the left must skip a beat when they see this.

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Back in 2019 the combined CPC/PPC polled at 33-35, now they poll at a combined 35-40. The election matched the polling with CPC taking some PPC strategic voters.

I understand it’s very difficult for O’Toole to thread this needle, but if conservatives of all stripes can’t see the opportunity in this numbers they might not be politically literate.

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Not sure why this one is getting downvoted

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This document will greatly aid in the facilitation of medical segregation by public and private organizations across the country.

When a party loses voters, they should look inward instead of blaming those they’ve alienated.

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I seem to remember O’Toole fielding a question after the debate- the caller asking if he would accept natural immunity in lieu of vaccination. He pretended he couldn’t hear the question.

I note he promises 90% vaccination rates. Huh interesting.

I looked up what countries require a formal federal vaccination passport versus simple proof of vaccination for a Canadian to enter. Holy molly there’s none.

I wonder if anyone else can remember when literally everyone said vaccine passports and mandates were conspiracy theories.

The claims that a federal vax passport will only be used for crossing borders aren’t going to age well.

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I think about 20-30% of people are pretty pissed off at the handling of covid, especially feeling coercion/force from the vax passports and mandates. I also think a lot of people are very uncomfortable at where this is going for their children.

Union workers, teachers, nurses, city staff, large corporate types etc etc, they’re facing the hardest brunt of these mandates. They’re mostly left wing voters.

A lot of the conservative voters are likely more in entrepreneurial fields, farmers, or work at private smaller and medium companies, and the mandates don’t impact them as much.

We can see PPC is almost certainly a pressure valve for the people I’m describing by studying polling data.

Populist movements have made headlines over the last 5 years for their unexpected successes. I think those who try to put their thumb in the valve risk getting burned.

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Well the platform is the same, so they do want to reduce immigration.

I understand that many people view immigration as a sacred cow, but the face scratching shrieks of the woke doesn’t make the concept of lower adjustment anti-immigrant.

I think they still take the racists, but I think that represents a somewhat vocal less than 1%.

Mainstreet polling shows they take at least their fair share of the minority populations, which further damages notions that their current support is mostly racists.

I think they’d be polling high teens low twenties.

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I think they’d be taking upwards of 20%, and I think they’d be draining all the parties, disproportionately the left.

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We don’t have the details yet as the Liberals haven’t formally presented this to the public, however it appears to be targeted at primary residences which are currently exempt.

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Arrogant CPC straight face Aug 2021:

snicker values are for idiots, PPC wont get more than 1.6%

Arrogant CPC gaping face Sep 2021:

PPC voting intention skyrocketing wont be acknowledged or discussed because they’re still super stupid and we’re super smart.

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Hahahah this is so amazing, even has our mod’s name one it.

Ham- rush over and give this template to Erin so he can have it ready if he wins.

If it was 1935 Ham would be furiously drawing pictures of how stupid Jews are for not voting for this.

I wonder if he will be capable of detecting the irony, or if he’s as NPC on his position as the leftists.

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TLDR: if elections Canada find itself in court over this, they will probably be forced to show current evidence of the effectiveness of masks. I’ll note in cases where various governments have been required to produce similar data they’ve failed to do so, and either dropped cases or lost.

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Haha this is actually pretty interesting, and I don’t think it’s without risk for Elections Canada.

They point to the Charter and say specific methods of voting are not guaranteed:

“While section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to vote, it does not guarantee access to any particular method of voting. Electors who choose not to wear a mask where masks are required have the option to vote by special ballot. Elections Canada must balance the values underlying the individual right to vote with its mandate to provide safe and accessible voting services to electors.“ -Elections Canada

I suspect if find themselves in court their rational may end on the shit end of a verdict, which could leave an opening to argue political bias:

“Section 3 must be interpreted having regard to the philosophical principles that have guided the historic development of the right to vote in our constitutional tradition (Saskatchewan Reference, supra). It must also be interpreted in a way that advances the values and principles that embody a free and democratic society, which include respect for a diversity of opinions and beliefs (Figueroa, supra, at paragraph 27; Saskatchewan Reference, supra, at 188-189).“ -Charter

As an aside Ham, forgive me, but I don’t think you have a representative window into the minds of where a majority of people who currently indicate support for PPC’s minds are. No doubt this phenomenon will have some level of influence, I suspect it will be minimal.

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So many older/obese/unhealthy people are so afraid of death that they'd set a chain reaction in place to implement dystopia if it meant they could breathe for an extra 10 seconds.

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