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it didn't work in Ontario so not sure where you get "everywhere from" and the idea that people will take free money and "pursue what they want" is easily debunked via CERB payments which resulted in people lying to get money and there being a large void in service sector employment, not to mention this thing called native reserves

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That's what I wanted to know - even their best looking angle, it was from the surface of the moon somehow

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Don't come to Canada, it's not worth it. Sub to our channel if you have a minute please

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bitchute sucks dawg, will be uploading to Rumble.

But also Rebel News videos are on bitchute as far as I know.

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Some context here is that police were arresting people for standing on the sidewalk earlier in the day, protesting is currently illegal. A woman was stopped by police for having protest-like statements written on her car, many businesses post signs that say no exemptions allowed, including government bodies like the post office.