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And just remind me.. how many times more likely are unvaccinated to die?

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Pure laziness.

Feel free to engage with the rest of what I said.

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Are you referring to this? Are your sources InfoWars or The Buffalo Chronicle?

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Welp. I guess if you're unvaxxed, one shot is probably all it'll take.

Weird flex. Don't know the purpose of this meme. Maybe Russian HQ thought it would resonate with people who like the male form? yeeeeeah we're chaaaads! We get to die from disease or get scarred for life like God inteended. nice bro

If you need a detox from the constant disinformation these shills; https://www.bu.edu/articles/2021/myths-vs-facts-covid-19-vaccine/

And if you still don't like mRNA tech, that's cool! We made one from plants! https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/26/world/canada/canada-covifenz-vaccine-mrna.html

A whole old fashioned vax just for you. Pretty effective too.

A lot more effective then raw dogging the 'rona. Getting it on purpose is like "playing russian roulette with an automatic handgun, says Dr. Laolu Fayanju, regional medical director for Oak Street Health in Ohio." which.. ya know, is just suicide. Also you're more at risk of developing lasting side effects with long covid, fatigue being the least of them.

Literally there's no point in being unvaxxed. If you're healthy and young it just puts you in the same odds as the old and immunocompromised. What's the point? Someone who has greater than 0% chance of being a russian troll farm convinced you? That's a question you can answer. PM or reply and if you're right, I won't get boosted. If I can verifiably prove you misinformed then bet, you owe me a jab or two.

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No people want UBI so that you don't have to work under threat of starvation.

Also it doesn't actually disincentivize work, because although you're starting above the poverty line, all work you do is additional income and you still get the 1k a month to give you a safety net or savings. Even if you work part time that's still better than nothing, and unlike our social systems now in which finding paid work stops the benefit possibly leaving you worse off which actually disincentivizes people

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It's a natural reaction to the consuming capitalism that has eroded wages and created a bigger wealth gap than in the French revolution.

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So? You're acting like it's not fundamental health care

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I'm not tudochi.

And lmao "Stats aren't science" gtfo

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"Since 1990, 16 per cent of NDP leaderships at the federal and provincial levels have been won by racialized Canadians — current federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is one of them. Just over 12 per cent of Liberal leaderships have been won by people of colour since 1990, while the Conservatives (of all stripes) have not elected any over that period"

Leslyn could be the very first. In 2022.

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It's literally actual information Misinformation only comes when you take something like that and simplify into an easy to swallow yet completely bullshit response, like what you just did.

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"The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit"

Basically you're advocating for death then. You think people should have the decency to die instead of having the nerve to survive a virus and risk spreading it.

The article explicitly says that the only danger is to unvaccinated individuals. Why the fuck then are you so adamant about spending misinformation?

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now THIS is an impressive piece of propaganda. How am I conflating two things if cops courts and prisons are all part of the same corrupt system? And your blanket statement "anyone who doesn't think like me is automatically wrong" lmao. 'the left' is really just another word for educated people that recognize our colonial roots is still evident in our power structures. You're thinking too small. The structure of society itself has had racist and white supremacist roots from the very founding of our respective policing forces. In 'murica, they were formed to round up runaway slaves. Canada's NWMP was basically a military force formed to colonialize the native population and crush any resistance. Today our prisons overrepresent them to an insane degree. Indigenous women make up 32% of the federal prison population while being less than 5% total pop. -,Indigenous%20women%20now%20account%20for%20almost%20half%20of%20the%20female,cent%20of%20the%20total%20population.)

Indiginous youth even worse. "In 2016-2017, Indigenous youth (12 to 17 years) accounted for 8 percent of all youth in the provinces and territories (Department of Justice Canada 2018a).Footnote10 However, in 2016-2017 they accounted for a much higher proportion of young people admitted to the corrections system: 46 percent"

It's obvious they're being policed more heavily with less leniency.

[And about police use of force. The CBC set out to compile a database of every person who died or was killed during a police intervention from 2000 to the end of 2017. Researchers gathered information on race and ethnicity from a variety of sources and found Black and Indigenous people were severely overrepresented.

In Winnipeg, for example, Indigenous people made up about 10.6 per cent of the city’s population in that period. But more than 60 per cent of the people who died in police encounters were Indigenous. (In April, Winnipeg police officers shot and killed three Indigenous people in10 days.)

In Toronto, Black people accounted for 37 per cent of victims. They make up slightly more than eight per cent of the population.

Other reports have shown similar patterns. In November 2019, the Globe and Mail reported that between 2007 and 2017 more than one-third of people shot to death by the RCMP were Indigenous. Indigenous people make up less than five per cent of the population.

And according to a study by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Black Torontonians are 20 times more likely to be shot by police than the city’s white residents.

Last week Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a 29-year-old Black woman, died after her mother called Toronto police and asked them to take her daughter to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. During her encounter, Korchinski-Paquet fell from a 24th-floor apartment balcony. Korchinski-Paquet’s family members said that before she fell, she was calling to her mother for help. The incident is being investigated by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit. ](https://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/public-interest-inquiry-racial-profiling-and-discrimination-toronto-police-service/collective-impact-interim-report-inquiry-racial-profiling-and-racial-discrimination-black#Executive%20summary) Oh and as an added bonus why don't you read up on Starlight Tours? Police in Sakatoon would pick up indigenous poeple in the middle of the night, middle of winter - and then drive them miles and miles out to city bounds and abandon them to the cold.

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Racial concerns are bolstered by data from sources such as the Washington Post police shootings database, which has kept track of police shootings in the United States since 2015. Between 2015 and 2019, U.S. police killed an average of nearly 1,000 people per year. African Americans made up only 13% of the total U.S. population, but accounted for a full 24% of the victims of police shootings. Conversely, whites made up roughly 60% of the population, but only 46% of the deaths from police shootings. The threat of police violence looms larger in some regions than others. Black persons in Oklahoma are six times more likely to be killed by police than those in Georgia. Additionally, eight of the 100 largest police departments in the United States—Reno, NV; Oklahoma City, OK; Santa Ana, CA; Anaheim, CA; St. Louis City, MO; Scottsdale, AZ; Hialeah, FL; and Madison, WI—kill black men at higher rates than the U.S. murder rate. On the other hand, many countries have an extremely low number of police killings. For example, police killings are virtually nonexistent in some European countries. Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland have all reported zero police killings. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all three are among the top ten safest countries in the world. In fact, police in Iceland do not carry firearms—which may help explain why the 2013 police killing of a single civilian was the only such event the country has experienced in its entire history. Additionally, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and Saint Lucia average one police killing in a year. Of these, Portugal and New Zealand are also considered to be among the ten safest countries in the world.

It's not an unavoidable problem. And Irving Waller proved that you can treat crime by improving society and providing opportunities.

AngelaDavisprovesthat incarceration doesn't do anything it claims to do. Doesn't deter crime, reduce recidivism or rehabilitate offenders. And again, compared to developed countries have all but eliminated prisons by not waging a war on drugs, actually training cops, and rehabilitating offenders. Nobody needs to die.

The problem is harder to see in Canada because statscan only counts death by cop if they're criminally charged - when ya know it's their word vs a dead guy, and their partner will be an accomplice because the blue code of silence and pressure from every other officer.

Come on Ham. The problem is so obvious if you just don't turn your head. The fbi even warned us in 2006 that white supremacists were infiltrating the police force and leadership.

Happy reading fam

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OP cares that people are dying at a much higher rate because the risks have been conflated to them by people with malice in their hearts. When I last checked, serious side effects from the vax in Canada was around 8200 - while there were almost 9000 deaths of unvaccinated.. from an 16% to 84% population group.

Like, this is from december, and the CDC; Rates of COVID-19 cases were lowest among fully vaccinated persons with a booster dose, compared with fully vaccinated persons without a booster dose, and much lower than rates among unvaccinated persons during October–November (25.0, 87.7, and 347.8 per 100,000 population, respectively)

347.8 per 100,000. Pretty high, honestly. Want to know about the incidence rate for myocarditis? Public Health Ontario's gotchu covered. " Based on 727 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis, the overall crude reporting rate is 24.8 per million doses of mRNA vaccines administered. The highest reporting rates were observed in younger age groups (12-17 and 18-24 years) and among males. The highest reporting rate was observed for males aged 18- 24 years of age following dose 2, at 198.8 events per million doses administered"

a solid 150 per million less at the highest risk, with the general population having 24.8/100,000. This isn't the issue you should be worried about, and the people who tell you it is are fucking ****wrong.

Oh and btw didn't you hear about invern? https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/03/largest-trial-to-date-finds-ivermectin-is-worthless-against-covid/

But honestly think before you die on a hill that is made of bullshit

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You know the 600% is a comparison between likelihood to get hospitalized, right? It's still only 138 in a million chance.

You should really be putting the per million stats, or at least compare it to the risk of death while being unvaxxed. unless you're being intentionally misleading.

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