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You are incorrect.


Hong Kong originally started off with Polymer notes. Once China took them over, they absorbed the physical machinery for printing presses of polymer notes. They print many countries denominations around the world to leverage their belt and road initiative. Consider places like Honduras, they have no capability to make physical currency so China makes their currency for them. China has an angle on the belt and road program, print fake money, charge loan fees, build hydro dams and mines/factories in exchange for labour.

Canada is the snow washing capital of the world. Especially BC.

The Cullen Commission details the short comings of the Federal FINTRAC program.


British Columbia will go their own way on dealing with this fake money coming in from China.

Talk to people in the currency industry and they will tell you that China doesn't operate on a level playing field.

Even the bitcoin ATM machines run Chinese software in El Salavador and they switched entirely to Bitcoin systems based out of China.

So the Chinese military use their cadre's to control the flow of money, ie whales. These whales buy up lots of properties in BC, Toronto, etc. They then fast track Chinese students to live in these mc mansions. This gives the appearance of legitimate ownership but in reality, the students act as data collection and surveillance feedback mechanisms.