Ford sells pickup trucks for 100k to 130k

They should be selling for 50k

But 50k is going to EV vehicle production plus Government grants.

So this is really driving inflation

Green EV programs are very costly.

And EV cars are selling for a good 50k

So the real cost of a gasoline/diesel truck is 50k but Ford is selling them for 100-130k.

Green scams.

No one will buy these trucks.


Bad business leadership decisions by woke green leaders.

An F-150 lighting all electric EV sells for 56k USD.

An F-150 gas/diesel truck is selling for over 100k USD with dealer fees etc.

Auto dealer lots will have no choice but to send these trucks back to the Ford factory when interest rates rise.

Who the hell can afford a truck that is 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a home. The auto loan rates are hovering around 6% for new vehicles.