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Some highlights from the UK Gov Public Health Scotland (PHS) report:

The latest official PHS data shows that the so called "Omicron" Covid-19 variant is no worse than a common cold among the unvaccinated, but seems to be affecting vaccinated, severely with the latest data confirming that the vaccinated have account for 80% of cases, 70% of hospitalisations, 80% Covid-19 DEATHS since the 20Nov 2021 despite the "booster" vaccine campaign. A "booster" being literally the exact same shot (with brand variety) that didn't work the first 3 previous times.

22 Dec PHS published the 1st stat report to contain #s on the 3x/booster vaccinated ,have since published a further 2 reports, which means one can look back at about 7wks of data on the effectiveness of the "vaccines".

Table 11 of the latest report published 13 Jan 22 contains data on Covid-19 cases by vaxx status over a period of 4 weeks from 11 Dec 21 to 07 Jan 22. The table may have been given a different number in previous reports.

Omicron allegedly reached the UK late Nov21, and as we can see at this point the vaccinated were for roughly x2 the amount of cases, with 11,399 vaccinated and 6,633 unvaccinated between 20th Nov-26th Nov.

Forward 1 month, things begin to change a lot with the vaccinated having about x5 times as many cases, with 49,955 in the vaccinated and just 9,070 in the unvaccinated 18th Dec-24th Dec.

1 week on gets even worse for the pokies, vaccinated 6.5x cases. 92,844 cases among the vaccinated, but just 14,465 unvaccinated purebloods.

What’s also interesting to note, is an extreme rise in "cases" among both the x2 vaccinated and 3x vaccinated, whilst cases among the unvaccinated fell in Dec before rising slightly towards the end of dec21.

Is it really corona/covid the vaccinated or getting sick with, or is it just the vaccine doing it's intended task? You be the judge.