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Why aren't the Canadian people angry about Justin Trudeau's molestation of a female reporter? Why haven't the police done anything about this? Is it because LIEberals have the media and the police in their pocket? How do we know he isn't a repeat offender with a kindergarten full of rape victims the police let him get away with? Rebel News suggested that's why he might have lost his job as a teacher. Is that why he turned to politics? To let himself off the hook for his felonious personality defects? No one is above the law. Members of Parliament, top military brass and police who haven't taken it upon themselves to humiliate our country and their victims with the long, ongoing list of sex scandal after sex scandal - who aren't afraid to stand up for the right thing - have to start getting to the bottom of this, or risk losing the confidence of the people they were elected and or appointed to serve and protect.

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What about his time at West Grey Academy where he’s paid off the family of a girl he assaulted. She’s reported to be as young as 12.
This should be headline news but the press lives pedos and degenerate behaviour. Trudeau is scum

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Has this been proven?

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The Buffalo chronicle went into the Trudeau Family and their family history. It’s no secret that he left West grey academy and signed a non disclosure agreement with the family of a student.
What exactly he did with a minor (allegedly) Is debatable.
The Buffalo Chronicle states that they have not received and cease and desist orders from the Trudeau Family. Soon the CRTC will fully control our content so we can expect the lap dog media to not ever mention this. All large media in Canada are paid shills. Trudeau admitted it publicly.
Morally bankrupt