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It would be preferable over Liberal or NDP. But a real Conservative Party will be one on the fringes these days. If I thought those had a real chance at winning I'd vote for one of them. I can really understand why some countries like Brazil enforce penalties for NOT voting. They've got to keep up the charade. I used to tell myself I was voting for the lesser evil, and slowing down the progress of Liberals - but was I? If the Conservatives win, don't expect any big changes. Everything that's going forward with vaccines, etc will continue without any meaningful interruption. It's here to stay. Conservatives are just paying us lip service. This is why I can't be bothered to vote. It's not that I'm cucked, but rather than I (and all of the rest of you as well) are being raped all the time. The difference here is I'm no longer lying to myself. The best we can hope for in our lifetime is Trump or someone else like him gets back into power and is actually serious about defeating the commies by going to war with China. That plus maybe a solar flare that knocks us back several centuries and resets humanity as a whole. Otherwise, dont' expect anything big to happen. Enjoy what time you have left with your loved ones. There's no where left to run from communism. There's no one to stop it.

2 years ago
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