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Well it seems like it’s inevitable now, I will be fired from my job and excluded from society in the very short term. With this revelation I figured I should start making plans for the next stage of my life.

I have a family with young children (all under 10) and am the breadwinner of the household so being fired will have a very negative effect on our financial security. My career and experience is fairly specific to one industry so my hopes of replacing my income with something similar is very very slim.

As a Canadian there isn’t anywhere to move to that would be any less insane, so would it be worth it to liquidate everything, buy an RV or Truck & trailer and hit the vagabond lifestyle, homeschooling the children and living off my accumulated retirement funds and cash from the liquidation?

The ideal plan would be to cross the border and head south for 6 months, then return and stay at various family’s for the other 6. I would pick up random jobs when back in Canada to try and find the 6 months down south.

I’m really not wanting this to be our life as things are really comfortable, but it’s the only thing I can think of where we can live without accepting the “vaccine” into our lives. I do not consent and I will not compromise because if I do this, they have me forever. I want to be a strong influence on my children and show them that you always have a choice, and sometimes the right choice is the hardest but we are in control of what goes into our bodies not the government.

Let me know what you guys think, am I insane and taking this way to far or is this feasible?