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Metamegaman 3 points ago +3 / -0

Here's the thing. Maybe both this site and the conservative party can start to set their eyes on the future and work towards some progress. Maybe the conservatives can work on trying to keep the conservatives happy and maybe go for the center-right vote instead of the center-left vote. O'toole has to go. So does the bullshit left wing mantra of calling anyone you disagree with a racist or whatever other hyperbole you can drum up.

When I joined metacanada and then did the segway to omegacanada I thought I was a part of the rational Canadians that embraces our history, culture, fiscal restraint, small government, individual liberty, accountability and shunned the crazy BLM, critical race theory, antifa violent whining, multiple gender mental disorder and general communist bullshit. I didn't know the vision for this place was to be a cheerleading echo chamber for the CPC regardless of who is at the helm or what direction they're going.

I like you Hammy, except when you're on your anti PPC outbursts. This election brought out the worst in you. Can we try to make this place fun and productive again?

Ham_Sandwich77 [M] [S] 0 points ago +3 / -3

Can we try to make this place fun and productive again?

I've come to the realization that this place can't be fun or productive when there's two warring factions in it.

Metcanada turned from a fun conservative shitposing community into an acrimonious cesspit overnight when Benrier split off of the CPC. And it (carrying over to Omega) has remained that way ever since.

So the bottom line is, there isn't room for two parties on this forum. And the one that gets to stay isn't going to be the one that can't win a seat, and also has the tendency to fill this place with the worst possible content.

That's why I'm showing them the door.