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WOW: perfectly round explosion with many secondaries interacting, amazing!


WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Beirut reporter from Sky news just said the Lebanese government has ruled out Ammonium Nitrate as the culprit, it may have been moved out a long time ago.

u/StartedGivingBlood77 in these multi day stories with a lot of dynamic /fluid content, who is giving sticky comments? Can we do that here yet? Sup ? Need to sort this shit out ASAP, we are WAY behind!

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Fire the squibs!

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It looks like fucking squibs popping off OUT of the fucking leading edge of the blast wave's event horizon, that's nuts.

It reminds me of corona virus seen under an electron microscope ..

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Cool picture. On the right is the beginning of the shock-wave. We see air, water vapour, dust, and the sulfur or iron rich fireball just beginning to envelope the primary explosion. I say iron or sulfur because of the reddish colour.

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Shitholes are rich in sulphurs.

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Fuck me. Brace for the impact of another hundred thousand islamic refugees once the turd boy hears of this...

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He picked a great time to go on vacay suddenly...

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Hmmmm......you're right. Do you think our lisping loser is responsible in order to bring in more liberal voters???

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Nah probably like they send out a mass message to all the important puppets: "bunker up boyz n girlz"

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lol yeah an IDF fireworks delivery from 35k above

massive explosion

"Hmm really?"

in Lebanon

Oh snore, what is this, the 50s?

spez: They're saying it's ammonium nitrate that was seized from a ship and stored in a warehouse that was ignited the the fireworks; the fireworks are clearly visible behind the glass igniting uncontrolled and popping off for at least 10-15 seconds before the point of the largest explosion.

Israel has denied involvement. That's pretty cut and dry confirmation that they're responsible to me!

General Secretary of Lebanon's Kataeb Party, Nazar Najarian, has died due to the blast in Beirut.

Ben Shapiro is gloating on Twitter, "lmao!"


CONFIRMED: in the crosshairs for a while, ~10km from the blast zone here in this image. Hezbollah weapons storage possiblty.

VID: https://twitter.com/air_intel/status/1290676373485490177

  • seismic reading of M4.5

  • "2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate"

"Nagasaki / Fat-boy size" blast map layover (20kt equiv): https://i.imgur.com/OcOZWkY.png

>2200 casualties

"The fire was apparently started by a welder patching a hole in the warehouse to prevent people from stealing the fertilizer."




Sat image of ground zero BEFORE: https://i.imgur.com/M7rK4xX.png

The ship, seized 7 years ago named RHOSUS, cargo destined for Mozambique: https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2014/4194/crew-kept-hostages-floating-bomb-mv-rhosus-beirut/

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"Oh shit! My villa!"

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Only the FINEST whores that Lebanon .. HAD to off .. Er... uhm.

Fuck, my olive oil strategic reserve was in there!

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It's Israel.

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Would that have been one of the "fireworks chaches" where they store the "fireworks" that they shoot over Israel as a "gesture of friendship?"

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wow people are dumb ..fireworks LMFAO

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you can see fireworks going off from the video posted by the guy who was across the street on a roof (probably died)

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'Fireworks and fertilizer'... Sure. Definitely not a Hezbollah weapons cache the Israeli's hit from 35,000 feet.

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