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Won't miss the boat for awhile. Too many NRs out there to try the registry again, and too many NRs they want to prohib that will get lost in the back 40s if it happens.

At worst they will slowly just cut supply down, but manufacturers will just find the loop hole.

When AR-15s got prohib, lots shifted to straight-pull bolt actions or the AR-180 platform.

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You're just fine for now. Supply is still good, and there's nothing major going on to change that.

Focus on Non-Restricted first. And SKS stock seems to still be good, they're just more expensive then 5 years ago. Ammo is still decent as well. Shotguns will always exist as well.

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Mail-ins never mattered.

For every legit mail-in they most likely had 2 meant to pad the close ridings if needed.

Since the LPC won a minority without them, they don't need to risk resorting to them to get the desired result.

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When you reside in a riding that usually votes 60%+ Liberal. I'll vote for whoever the fuck I want.